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1 More than 950 beetles can live in a sloth's fur at one time

That's still less than the amount of beetles in my bed.

Woah dude! This is something I might wanna check out.

This is grossing me out and that is so weird

That is why sloths are slow

2 The Eiffel Tower gets repainted every seven years

I think that is just plain weird

Very effort-pushing indeed

Who takes the time to do that

I heard it takes months to do

3 There are about three pounds (1.4 kg) of bacteria living in your stomach

Well then. That explains why bacteria came out of me after I stabbed myself with a pencil on accident.

So you're telling me that I've technically been 3 lbs lighter than the scale always told me?

So you're telling me I was technically 1.4KG lighter than I actually am?

Eeeew...I mean, people need to have bacteria to survive, but that's still gross.

4 Mullets are illegal in Iran

Well, of course it's illegal in Iran because Iran is an Islamic republic country. If instead of Imam Khomeini the king was in Iran it wasn't illegal. Actually I must tell that many people use mullets in Iran illegal and no body finds out. In every party you go in Iran you see every body using mullets.

They were illegal 30 years ago I'm from Iran and I have a mullet

Coming from a mulleted man this is a travesty, every man deserves a mullet

So Elvis couldn't have flushed himself to Iran

5 Odontophobia is the fear of teeth

This is incredibly ironic since an odontist is the British word for "dentist". Having odontophobia and the job of an odontist (dentist) will be the worst luck (and the biggest case of irony) ever.

Okay... So I'm guessing that person doesn't have teeth.

This has to be one of the weirdest fears

If you were what would the do to there teeth?

6 A Korean man married a pillow

Considering how some of the pillows of Asian and American society have pictures of anime girls on them (a.k.a. Shreky Devito), I can't really argue, not that I have one.

Why does it have to say Korean it's just weird for anybody to marry a pillow but that's what I call desperate! They must have had some very soft pillow baby's with heads it's just making dolls

I wish I could do that every morning. I love my pillow more than people.

How is it possible to marry a pillow? He must have been desperate.

7 A girl ate nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years

I really loved this decent list, esp. the stair one and the zebra one and this awesome one. Lucky girl! I'd like to be in her shoes, although the shoe size may be XL or something. Bye, Kiretsun!

I get tired of the same food if I have it 4 days straight...

Stupid person probably didn't care about animals

Golly this girl will have a diet for about 40 years

8 A spatula that was lost on an astronaut's space walk is still floating in space

Was he doing an experiment to see if he could cook in space? Otherwise he'd have absolutly no reason to have it out there.

Someone should put some eggs and a frying pan up there.

And a balloon I let go of noticed the spatula before

Oh, so if someone finds it, they can cook in space?

9 Early methods of CPR involved blowing smoke into the victim's anus.

Blowing smoke is now the anus's job considering how much Taco Bell some people eat.

I guess that's how they discovered anal sex.

How would this achieve


That's pretty weird

10 The Romans used crushed mouse brains as toothpaste

That's the dumbest thing I have heard today, and trust me I have heard a lot of dumb things today

That's gross >_< I don't wanna even know what that tastes like

Gross! The Romans were out of their minds at this point.

Well, at least the Romans and rats are not as dirty as me.

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11 When there's thunder during a snowstorm, it's called Thundersnow

This actually happened in my town about a year ago, so it does happen.

Sounds like a cool name. Anyways, that is pretty cool.

It never happens but I did hear thunder in February and I'm from minnisota

When zapdos and articuno meet each other.

12 Male seahorses give birth

People usually sometimes experiment on men to make them give birth! Weird, right?

Technically the female lays the eggs inside the male's special pouch.

I know a male human who gave birth.

That is beautiful!

13 There are over 200 corpses on Mount Everest and they are used as way points for climbers

That's just sick. Like, "Here's a corpse! Now you won't get lost!"

Sorry, only 194 now. Me and my team ate a couple.

I Know Right I read it on google

I eat the toes for energy

14 Your skin sheds and regrows once a month

Snakes in a nutshell

15 A Caterpillar has more muscles than a human

So a caterpillar is stronger than I am? Why am I not surprised...? XD

Yet they die when we step on them

BiG flEx

A WORM has more muscles than me!

16 You can beat brain freeze by pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth

I have not had a brain freeze in years but I'll try it the next time I do

Thanks for the info man. Kinda wish I had known this sooner.

How about eating hot food to get a brain burn?

This might actually be useful

17 Koalas can give you chlamydia

I am not gonna see a koala for a long time now

Only Koalas know what chlamydia is.

What is chlamydia

That's how I got it

18 Nintendo was originally a trading card company

The Yakuza used them. That was before they made Pokemon cards, an E-Reader on the GBA that used cards, and Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards.

I have the earliest gaming system by Nintendo

I knew it, and not only that, they were founded in 1889.

I already knew this fact.

19 A baking company created a chocolate chip cookie that weighed as much as seven pickup trucks

Wow, that's a big cookie O_O

Must be really unhealthy.

Too big to be true

I wanna try it.

20 Thousands of pigs die every day due to explosions caused by their own feces

So true... I lost all of mine last week.

And that's how we get bacon

Poop is dangerous, I guess.

What the butterscotch

21 A Buzz Lightyear action figure spent 15 months on the international space station

Well, there was a Special Features in Toy Story 2 with this.

I guess Star Command really was a thing...

To infinity and Beyond!

Buzz: Hold my beer

22 The iPod's name was inspired by this line from the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey: "Open the pod bay doors"

Solid Snake's real name is David - also a reference to the movie

23 A beaver could swim 16 laps in an Olympic-size pool without taking a breath

I can't even do two...

24 There's a mammal in Australia that has sex until it disintegrates.

This is called pleasure for life!

Moves a foot away from screen

Livin the good life

Uhhh... okay? This is really... I'm just speechless...

25 A 29-year-old is about to become Britain's youngest grandfather because his 14-year-old daughter became pregnant

Yeah well he got the mom pregnant when he was 15 so there's not much he can say

Wow. That is really young to have a baby and be a grandfather.

This is why the world is ending.

This family is getting it to early

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