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41 All of the letters in the word "Typewriter" can be found in one row on a keyboard

Wow crazy - Unknownguy

42 African elephants have ears shaped like the continent of Africa

No they don't it's just your imagination

Some coincidence - Enderninja327

Never saw the coincidence - TeamRocket747

COOL COOL cool! - Officialpen

43 Cats communicate using at least 16 known "cat words"

In warriors they use English

Go warrior cats

Here comes the Warrior Cats fanbase ruining the fact..
I like cats, but the Warrior Cats fanbase is trash. - TeamRocket747

44 Jellyfish evaporate in the sun. They're 98% water.

They've also existed before the dinosaurs did.

Poor jellies

Dangerous blobs of water - Lucretia

Wow. - TeamRocket747

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45 Hippos can be more dangerous than lions

I like hippos... big things, cute though - Lucretia

A hippo could ram a lion down! - OneWayStreet

OneWayStreet is right

Well then - TeamRocket747

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46 The first TV remote was called "Lazy Bones"

Also a name for someone who watches too much!

It wasn't wireless either.

Lol - TeamRocket747

47 Bangladesh has more people than Russia

Well Russia is frigid and has Putin... - Lucretia

How is this not high

47. Needs to be in 30s. - TeamRocket747

48 A person named Adam Rainer is the only human being to be both a dwarf and a giant. He was only 4ft 6 inches when he was 18 but when he died, his recorded height was 7ft 8 inches

Was he from Mars?

He got new shoes, hats and haircuts a lot. - Lucretia

lol - TeamRocket747

What on the name of? This is really astonishing. Lest I mention it
It is so. Great heavens maybe he spent his time praying to reach the T.V. stand to switch. On the T.V. and boom he turns a giant

49 In India, a woman was married to a dog.

So poochy, do you take her as your bride. Dog: Woof - Enderninja327

Some dog... - Lucretia

Wow. - TeamRocket747

50 "only twenty characters" has 20 letters in it (not counting spaces)
51 There are more plastic flamingos in the USA than real ones

Yeah lets just get some real ones..

People like there flamingos - OneWayStreet

Wow. - TeamRocket747

52 The tallest known snowman was higher than a 12-story building

Probably a dog house with 12 books in it.

You got that right

You meant that bastard in sm64 that blows me out of the platform is this guy?

Wow! - TeamRocket747

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53 Hippo sweat is red

That hippo is BLEEDING! No it's just sweat - OneWayStreet

Wow. - TeamRocket747

54 Red diamonds are some of the rarest stones in the world

Step one, find a normal diamond. Step two, paint it red. Step three, make money

Step 4 go to jail for selling blood diamonds

Does the Reality Stone count?

Tell me where they are - TeamRocket747

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55 A vending machine in Singapore gave away a free soda to anyone who hugged the machine

What about punching it? - Lucretia

Lol - TeamRocket747

Thug life -T

56 is named after the number Googol-a one followed by a hundred zeros

I knew that. - blst0033

I knew that - TeamRocket747


57 Parachutes were invented before airplanes

Wow - TeamRocket747

58 A Great White Shark can weigh as much as 15 Gorillas

WOAH! - TeamRocket747

59 Spider silk is used to make fishing nets in some countries

You can do the same in Minecraft. - nintendofan126

Minecraft fanboy in this comment section. Look at your own risk. - TeamRocket747

Thank you for that nerd

60 Saltwater taffy does not contain saltwater

Wow. - TeamRocket747

Love sw taffy. Especially cotton candy and blue raspbery. I already knew this - Lucretia

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