Top Ten Weirdest Fictional "Core" Genres of Metal

The Top Ten

1 PigCore

Any explanation - Toucan


Wow, this will be the new djent - CannibalCorpse

2 GrindDjentPornoGridoHairCore
3 StalinCore
4 Taylor Swiftcore
5 Corecore
6 ChickenPeckedDuckManCore
7 ChickenCore
8 JupitersCore
9 HistoryCore
10 Democratic Core

The Contenders

11 PillowCore
12 Power-Pizzacore
13 1984Core
14 Geocore
15 Segacore

After Nintendocore then sega just had to jump on the core bandwagon

16 Rap Core

This would actually sound awesome.this is a great idea.
it would sound like a mix between meshuggah and rage. pretty awesome

17 Popcore
18 Blackened Crapcore
19 AReallyPointlessGenreWithNoSpecialAttributesItIsReallyJustAMixOfDeathMetalPowerMetalBlackMetalAndEveryCoreGenreOfAllTimeCore
20 CodeLyocore
21 Softcore

Literally sounds like softcore porn that 12-year-old boys watch before they even know what porn is.

22 Green Day Core
23 Generic Core Sub-Genre Core
24 Cheesecakewafflepancakecore
25 Melodic Xtrullorcore
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