Top Ten Weirdest Girls Names People Name Their Boy

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1 Alexis

Again, it works on a boy. I just think it sounds like more of a girl's name.

2 McKenzie

This is a great name for a girl... But it doesn't really work on a boy.

3 Casey

This one actually works pretty well for a boy, I just think it sounds weird.

4 Corrigan

My cousin has a friend named this... And he's a boy.

5 Carolyn

I don't think any sane person on this planet would name a boy Carolyn. That is defineatly a name that only girls should have.

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6 Saige

I actually know a boy named this.

7 Jessie

This really does fit well well on a guy. I just think it sounds better for a girl.

8 Taylor

Again... Works for both. I could see this on either a guy or a girl.

I know a guy named Taylor. - Minecraftcrazy530

9 Selena

I think it's child abuse to call a boy this. But it's a lovely girl's name.

10 Mercy

The Contenders

11 Violet

I'm running out of ideas...

12 Helen
13 Maria
14 Katherine
15 Stephanie
16 Ivy
17 Emma
18 Charity
19 Ashley
20 Abigail
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