Top 10 Weirdest Hello Kitty Merchandise That Actually Exists

The Top Ten

1 Hello Kitty Condoms

I am a 10 year old but I don't like hello kitty so... but WHY

Oh well that's enough internet for today

You see kids. When a Mommy cat, and a Daddy Cat love each other very much, they diced to... - nintendofan126

For when two kitties are in contact. - PositronWildhawk

2 Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Some fans are crazy, by putting those lenses O. O - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

3 Hello Kitty Guns
4 Hello Kitty Pills
5 Hello Kitty Braces
6 Hello Kitty Toilet Paper
7 Hello Kitty Negligee
8 Hello Kitty Coffin

I'll miss you Billy.

Wait, why the hell are you putting him in a Hello Kitty coffin? - JaysTop10List

9 Hello Kitty Chainsaw
10 Hello Kitty Wine

The Contenders

11 Hello Kitty Toaster

Of all of the products on this list, I doubt you will see another one that creates food with the eponymous cat on it. - Synchronocity

My sister got one for her birthday, and it was weird.

12 Hello Kitty Mens Underwear
13 Hello Kitty Anti-Virus Programs
14 Hello Kitty Grave Stone
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