Top Ten Weirdest Hybrid Animals

This list can seem ridiculous but is a 100% true. I never wanted to believe certain hybrids but I was dazzled to know they were true. Vote for the one that you found the "Weirdest".

The Top Ten

1 Bottlenose Dolphin + False Killer Whale - Wholphin

Whales are awesome but what are hybrids - Blear

Only one Wholphin is said to exist in this world and she is named Kekaimalu which means "from the peaceful ocean". The Wholphin is extremely rare and happens between a male false killer whale and a female bottle-nose dolphin. There was one that was seen before Kekaimalu - a male Wholphin who within a few months. Kekaimalu had three offspring and one still survives with one-fourth of the killer whale genes. - LightningBlade

2 Coyote + Dog - Coydog or Dogote

I love dogs and I love coyotes! Perfect combination!

3 Goldfinch + Canary - Mule

I'm not talking about the hybrid between a male donkey and a female horse here. This birds, however, share one thing in common with the mule - they are sterile. But they have a pleasant and beautiful singing voice and are very attractive birds. - LightningBlade

4 Grizzly Bear + Polar Bear - Grolar Bear

These are very very rare hybrids. They are tough creatures like the water bear. - LightningBlade

5 Zebra + Horse - Zorse

They are sadly sterile and are one of the three zebroids. They are probably the hybrid between the male horse and female zebra. They look cool with the stripes on the brown shade of their fur and not on the white shade. - LightningBlade

6 American Buffalo + Cow - Beefalo

This hybrid animal is tough and is a fertile offspring that can survive harsh climatic conditions. - LightningBlade

7 Cow + European Bison - Żubroń

This animal is something like the Beefalo but its European. They are preferred to domestic cattle because they are stronger, heartier, disease resistant and bad weather resilient. - LightningBlade

8 Leopard + Lion - Leopon
9 Jaguar + Lion - Jaglion

They are the hybrid between a male Jaguar and a female lion. - LightningBlade

10 Red Kangaroo + Great Grey Kangaroo - Kangaroo Hybrid

They aren't very successful as the Kangaroo Hybrid often fails to survive at all. - LightningBlade

The Contenders

11 Goat + Sheep - Geep
12 Serval + Domestic Cat - Savannah Cat

They can be adorable pets and is a beautiful hybrid. - LightningBlade

13 Common Blacktip Shark + Australian Blacktip Shark - Blacktip Shark Hybrid

They are the only hybrid of sharks that are known to exist. They are spotted at the waters surrounding Australia and they are pretty tough creatures like Grolar Bears. - LightningBlade

14 Tiger + Lion - Tigon

They are amazing animals and they look the coolest among hybrids. - LightningBlade

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15 Cow + Yak - Dzo

The male Dzos are infertile but the females can give birth to offspring. They are stronger than Yaks and give more milk and meat that regular cows and hence Tibetans and Mongolians find them quite very useful. - LightningBlade

16 Zebra + Pony - Zony

These are again sadly infertile but adorable. They are often used for riding. - LightningBlade

17 Zebra + Donkey - Zenkey
18 Camel + Llama - Cama
19 Midas Cichlid + Red Cichlid - Blood Parrot Cichlid
20 Lion + Tiger - Liger

Ligers are strong

21 Leopard + Jaguar = Leoguar
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