Top Ten Weirdest Ideas for a Musical

I'm in my school musical "Once Upon A Mattress", I'm the king. So I thought of bad ideas for musicals. Enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Shia Labeouf! The Musical


2 Sexy Sporks The Musical
3 Eh...The Musical

Featuring Albert the singing moose

4 Cowbell The Musical
5 Kanye West Side Story The Musical

Haha excellent! But alas, it wouldn't work. He'd insist on just one cast member - himself! You may just as well spend less and see him in concert. - Britgirl

6 McDonald's The Musical
7 Justin Beaver The Musical
8 Babies The Musical
9 Into The School The Musical
10 Britgirl The Musical

The Contenders

11 Gay the Gay Musical

Sorry, I just couldn't control myself to not add this IT crowd reference - Martinglez

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