Weirdest Ideas for Shows

Cartoons and sitcoms alike have given us some crazy sh*t. Now it's time to turn the tables, and pitch some rather stupid, or just weird ideas for shows. I have done three. Add new items and vote to see what is the most weird thing you'd watch on T.V..

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1 Green Hippos Fly In The Sky On A Quest For Hufflepuff
2 The Talking Socks Show

Talking socks are called sock puppets, idiots. - FasterThanSonic

Talking socks? That sounds dumb but kind of funny. Talking socks haha! - cosmo

There is actually a show about this called Ed the Sock. - RalphBob


3 The Mall's Front Door
4 Crack's Life
5 Tater Tot Adventure

Plot:A tater tot named Fred travels the world for a magic farm, that is magic. - DapperPickle

6 The Sahara: What Goes On
7 Sesame Street Fighter

Um, Ernie fighting Big Bird? - FasterThanSonic

This would actually be an awesome show. - PerfectImpulseX

8 The Deeps Of The Ocean
9 A Bump On A Log's Life
10 Mr. Farto's Awesome Life

It is an evil fart that lives in a mansion and plays really stupid video games. - RalphBob

Oh my God. That idea sounds so stupid.

The Contenders

11 Cut: A Revenge Story
12 Britgirl's Tongue
13 No Signal
14 Staring Contest Live

This is a stupid idea.

15 Singing In The Shower

No one wants to see a naked person singing a stupid song.

16 Dora and Friends: Killing the City

Parents won't be happy about this show. - FasterThanSonic

This sounds awesome, but I hate Dora so much.

Someone should make this LOL! - Vancedapurpleguy

17 Shoes & Socks
18 The Great Calculator

This is for people who are not nerds.

19 The Land Before Mimes
20 Stalkers The Musical
21 Hi Shoe
22 Is That Radioactive? The Game Show

Oh God... That's dangerous...

23 TheTopTens Show

How came up with this? - Userguy44

Wait...this exists?!? - mathguy37


24 SlenDora
25 P.D.A. Investigation
26 The Gum You Chew
27 Cheese Sandwich

The story and life of a sentient cheese sandwich named Bill who rides on a magic unicorn and gives free pants to all the good little boys and girls in a pantsless world. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

28 Real Life Wacky Delly
29 Pants!
30 Trypophobia Man

The scariest superhero ever! - PerfectImpulseX

31 An Even More Bizarre And Eccentric Version Of Rocko's Modern Life
32 The Puga Show
33 Kamasutra Stories Of Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj
34 Twinkle Toes

I predicted this, and now it is a real show. - RalphBob

35 The Lucky Charms Show
36 Mario Farty 10
37 Family OddParents
38 Fairly Guy
39 Fred, Fredd n Freddy
40 Mickey Rat
41 Shaun the Goat
42 Bigger Brother
43 DatCog
44 Taco's Modern Life
45 Emojis
46 Hippies
47 Trix Are For Kids Show
48 The Setting Things On Fire Hour
49 Five Nights at Freddy's: The Show
50 Vitamin C You Later
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1. The Mall's Front Door
2. Crack's Life
3. Green Hippos Fly In The Sky On A Quest For Hufflepuff
1. Sesame Street Fighter
2. Mr. Farto's Awesome Life
3. Tater Tot Adventure
1. No Signal
2. Staring Contest Live
3. Shoes & Socks


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