Weirdest Ideas for Video Game Spin Offs or Sequels

These are the weirdest spin-off and sequel ideas ever.

The Top Ten

1 Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love

The game where you play as Tingle from Legend of Zelda. I don't know to much about because there was not in English. But I am pretty it is a dating sim. - lolololololol

2 Shadow the Hedgehog

This game was awesome! Much more dark and edgy. Plus Shadow is amazing so he deserves his own game. Now we just need Silver the Hedgehog.

A character from a kids game being put in a game that involves him swearing and shooting peeps.
The game is bad by the way. - lolololololol

3 Pokemon Snap

A Game where you take pics of Pokemon. It may sound dumb, but everyone wants a sequel. - lolololololol

V 1 Comment
4 Pac Man 2: The New Adventures V 1 Comment
5 Typing of the Dead

Shoot at zombies by typing at them! - lolololololol

6 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Mario vs Sonic. Sounds cool right? Well what about facing each other off at the Olympics!?!? - lolololololol

7 Mysims

Hey! Let's make a spin off game of Sims that has nothing to do with Sims except building stuff. - lolololololol

8 Super Mario Bros 2 V 1 Comment
9 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link V 1 Comment
10 Metroid Other M V 1 Comment
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