Top Ten Weirdest Imaginary Band Names

The Top Ten Weirdest Imaginary Band Names

1 The Guys From Fishland Wearing Skirts
2 Pizza Lover 3492928248392391029393 's
3 Biological Roses With Guns

Wow that be a crazy name - Toucan

4 Rock Paper Metal
5 Martians from Venice

Wow this is easy - Toucan

6 We Have No Idea For A Band Name So This Is Our Band Name
7 Seafood = food
8 Sarah Jessica Parker
9 Sweet Bombs Of Mine

I hid them in the trunk - Toucan

10 Guitar Bangers

That's a cool name - Toucan

The Contenders

11 Head Bashers

Derived for head banger - Toucan

12 Ebola Surfers
13 The Booty Band
14 Pee Hole Skin
15 Seventy Five Fishsticks in a Line
16 Loded Diper
17 Sweatshirt Factory Razor Sex
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