Top Ten Weirdest Jobs of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Tokyo Pushers

What? That is weird. Oddest thing ever. You get paid 5 Japanese Dollars for every person you push into the sky train. Well, yes. Tokyo is crowded. - SuperBacca

I wouldn't mind this...I like to push people that are mean to me >

A important Job and weirdest job

2 Worm Picker
3 Pet Food Tester

If the pet foods are really tasty, at least you'd get paid for only eating food! Think about it laugh out loud! - Kiteretsunu

They keep finding out that the Fancy Feast cans are not that much fancy, let alone a feast.

Not unless you have to test it. - SuperBacca

I would do this

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4 Gumologist

I got done trowing up - andre56

5 Snake Milker
6 Cup Keeper
7 Chicken Sexer

I'd jump at the opportunity! It probably pays well! - PositronWildhawk

I can honestly say I've never sexed a chicken... - Britgirl

It's worst than you thought. - SuperBacca

8 Odor Judge
9 Sumo Costume Checker
10 Grave Digger

I wouldn't like that job. - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 Porto Potty Cleaner

Now you would think people would clean after there self - andre56

12 Hay Chewer
13 Wedding Fluffer
14 Elephant Poop Collector
15 Deodorant Tester
16 Vaccination Test Subject
17 Hooker
18 Garageman
19 Body Farm Caretakers
20 Professional Mourners
21 Passenger Pushing
22 Professional Sleepers
23 Children Camp Luggage Organizer
24 Fart Smeller
25 Golf Ball Diver
26 Paint Watchers
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