Top Ten Weirdest Kinds of Trainers In Pokemon Games


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1 Youngsters

I like shorts they're comfy and easy to wear hey your not wearing shorts I wear my shorts even in winter - famous first gen youngster quotes by?

What is it about shorts that they love so much? - turtwig

I bet the tall grass scrapes their knees with those shorts on...

My Ratata is the best, You canr beat my ratata. -Youngster Joey - Super64Mario

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2 Bug Catchers

In SS/HG, I can walk up to a kid with a Weedle with my Lugia behind me and be like, "Yo kid, let's battle." And he's all like, "MY WEEDLE AND I ARE GONNA BEAT YOU! " Excuse me? I have a Pokemon of legends, you should be worshipping me and my Lugia.

O I'm so scared of your super bug Pokémon! You know I'm being sarcastic, right? - turtwig

I have arceuus behind me she says my 6 metapods will beat you I have god compared to god metapod is a grain of dirt worship god now

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3 Hikers

In omega ruby, I had 3 legendary Pokemon in my party and a hiker cane and said, "BATTLE ME! "

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4 Jugglers V 1 Comment
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6 PokeManiacs V 2 Comments
7 Bird Keepers

Falkner was the worst, though. Bro, a Pidgey isn't gonna beat anybody.

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8 Psychics

Don't make your expectations so high! - turtwig

9 Gym Leaders

Are they supposed to be strong? Are they even trying? - turtwig

10 Fairy Girls

Why would you only use fairy types?

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11 Hex Maniacs V 2 Comments
12 Tubers
13 Beautys
14 Elite Fours

Their strenghts don't seem to match up with mine. Laugh out loud. The same goes for the champions.

15 Zinnia
16 Champions V 1 Comment
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