Top Ten Weirdest Kinds of Trainers In Pokemon Games


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1 Youngsters

I like shorts they're comfy and easy to wear hey your not wearing shorts I wear my shorts even in winter - famous first gen youngster quotes by?

What is it about shorts that they love so much? - turtwig

I bet the tall grass scrapes their knees with those shorts on...

They are weak :7

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2 Bug Catchers

In SS/HG, I can walk up to a kid with a Weedle with my Lugia behind me and be like, "Yo kid, let's battle." And he's all like, "MY WEEDLE AND I ARE GONNA BEAT YOU! " Excuse me? I have a Pokemon of legends, you should be worshipping me and my Lugia.

O I'm so scared of your super bug Pokémon! You know I'm being sarcastic, right? - turtwig

I have arceuus behind me she says my 6 metapods will beat you I have god compared to god metapod is a grain of dirt worship god now

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3 Hikers

In omega ruby, I had 3 legendary Pokemon in my party and a hiker cane and said, "BATTLE ME! "

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4 Jugglers V 1 Comment
5 Lasses V 1 Comment
6 PokeManiacs V 2 Comments
7 Bird Keepers

Falkner was the worst, though. Bro, a Pidgey isn't gonna beat anybody.

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8 Psychics

Don't make your expectations so high! - turtwig

9 Gym Leaders

Are they supposed to be strong? Are they even trying? - turtwig

10 Hex Maniacs V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 Fairy Girls

Why would you only use fairy types?

12 Tubers
13 Beautys
14 Elite Fours

Their strenghts don't seem to match up with mine. Laugh out loud. The same goes for the champions.

15 Zinnia
16 Champions V 1 Comment
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