Top Ten Weirdest Language Quirks


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1 Click Consonants in Languages

The fact that if you took the clicks out the language would make no sense is simply weird, and the fact they make these sounds daily is so...interesting. - AsianBlood

2 Tonal Pitches in Languages

I'm Asian and my family and I speak Cantonese and this is totally relatable

First one means Mom
I don't know what the second means
Third means horse.
Fourth can't be translated. But it's the word you use to end a question.

Nine years of Chinese school barely paid off, lol. - keycha1n

Ma with a steady, high pitch.
Ma with a lowering pith.
Ma with a pitch going low then high.
Ma with a pitch that rises.

This means 4 different things in Chinese. Cantonese is even worse with 7 or 8 tones. - AsianBlood

3 One Word is One Sentence in Polysynthetic Languages

Where one huge word becomes one sentence. I would like to post an example but I'm on phone so I can't right now. - AsianBlood

4 Whistle Noises in a Few Languages

Yes, this really exists. A language where they only whistle, to a language where they have whistles. - AsianBlood

5 No Vowels in Languages

This really exist. I have no idea how they even pronounce stuff most languages basically need vowels now or everybody would stop speaking and then restart because they can't pronounce "wxllblrqd" or something. - AsianBlood

6 Written Form Keeps Changing in Languages
7 Evolving Languages

All the Romance languages, because they all come from Latin. They used to basically be Latin Creoles. - AsianBlood

8 No Words For Numbers Over 10 in Languages

Many Amazon languages are like this. - AsianBlood

9 Mutually Intelligible Languages

Scots is extremely similar to English, with slight differences. Some people consider it a dialect. Watch a video of a man on YouTube (I think just search up "Scots language"). How much do you understand? - AsianBlood

10 French Nasal Vowels

I am a French learner, and it is extremely hard to deduce which vowel is which with that much diacratics. - AsianBlood

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