Community Debating Discussion #24 Are you for Elimination to Right for Firearms, or Not

htoutlaws2012 Okay guys we know what happened on Monday was the worst shooting in U.S history, and that brings up one big point what can we do about guns? I mean after what you have seen from all theses shootings can you just sit there, and take it like what the NFL fans are suffering to see people kneel before your very eyes. Here's what my take on this, and no this this does not mean i'm liberal i'm just being straight about this, but like being sick and tried of seeing NFL players take kneelings, i'm tried of the people in the white house not doing a freaking thing about gun laws. With that said what I think is an interesting topic to talk about is let's look at the very notable shootings just in U.S in general, and not everywhere else around the world.

2012 - the year 2012 where people overreacted as if Mayans thought we would all die ''Don't me me laugh'' - Shao Khan. Aside from that memorable event there were two shootings that stand out for me no less, and the first occurred on the summer of the Dark Night Rises premiere. A dude with Red hair later known as James Holmes came to a Aurora theater in Colorado armed, and with a gasmask James had 4 weapons 2 shotguns, and a pistol, and grenades that are toxic enough to leave the oxygen life outta your soul... I mean this started the debate over gun control. 12 were killed, while 70 has been in critical condition the so called real life joker in red would start the trend of also being under the strange influence of drugs.

After that trauma has ended 2012 ended on a very depressing note when we heard of a man in his 20's coming to an elementary school taken away 28 innocent lives with him, as well as his mother just sickening. He had on him an assault rifle, with a pistol as his secondary with the little rounds he had was just enough to be sick as he took himself out as the shooting ended. Like Holmes, Adam Lanza has Asperger's in which case coming from a guy who also suffers from that I would not be on verge of taken the life of the innocent by any means it just insults me that this is bad idea of the impression of those who have that are not always like this.

Skip three years later, and once again the mass shootings have increased why is nobody preventing this?

2015 - We see a church shooting this time the assistant is oh wow would you of known it Caucasian like majority of the people so far which is stunning to know. Dylann Roof was not shy in hating our american flag that alone is way more unamerican then to not stand for it which is also debatable. Roof's claim is that white supremacists influenced him to go, and do the horrificness that occurred that June. Like the previous murder he had pretty much a primary, and secondary rifle, and that was it. you could call it ethnic cleansing, but I will say that this not the type of race killing you want to witness in real life, nor a video game of it. The aftermath though it that the white supremacists came out saying ''that they are not influencing his mind it was all act on his own.'' 9 innocent victims taken from the wrath of this young sick human being that has a face of being hated, and emotion of hatred.

The very following month the shootings were far from over as Chattanooga was the next victim of an ISIS influenced attack. One sole terrorist taken the lives of those who were of the military. Muhammad had an arsenal of guns that included a popular choice AK-47. This guy had armor around hi waist he came prepared... point is those who have fought to protect us have fallen from deranged lunatics like this, and yet people wanna kneel for a flag just stop it, and revisit this dying for your country makes you of honor not of a coward.

After escaping two notable shootings it was not over however as near the end of fall we were treated to some GTA like action as the news would cut away to the action I remember seeing this live going ''what is going on?'' This one had to be the most wild massive shooting yet. They attack was at first in a building, but Farook, and Malik got away after taken down 16 innocent lives, and 24 in critical condition. Then a car chase is scene breaking news all over the networks as you see one wild chases for two mark individuals with a bounty on their heads. The mass murderers had 4 weapons of ammunition, and pimp bombs yes Pimp bomb, i'm amazed the cops were able to stop them after all that long few minutes chasing them. San Bernardino will never be the same again after this shooting. One thing to note about this is that it is the second deadliest terrorist attack until the very next year.

2016 - The year 2016 was depressing enough with a lot of famous people dying before our eyes, to Trump, and Clinton being the only two to choose from 2016 was just not good in that sense, and to top if all off is the nightclub shooting in Florida. Omar Mateem had a hate for all races so it was not just the homosexuals. To further go into that is the aftermath of it all states that to be fact. Mateem had taken 50 innocent lives, and the other half (58) critically in a lot of condition. Mateem carried himself with six weapons as the slaughtering was something weak for the heart trying to escape from his madness that could not be prevented due to mine traps around the nightclub yikes. There is a theory connection that he was essentially a lot like Adolf Hitler only not power hungry. After 3 hours of hostage shooting the cops finally arrive to put an end to the bloodshed making it the second worst terrorist attack in U.S history behind of course 9/11.

2017 - Now for the most recent shooting you should all have a familiarity about, but just in case your living under the rock because of school allow me. I remember waking up at 5:00 in the morning while taking out some garbage, and I noticed breaking news on the Television, and oh go ''what happened overnight?'' learning that a 64 year old man had shot up from the 32nd floor, of Mandalay Bay of Las Vegas Nevada, and we get some pictures from various survivors of the onslaught massacre. I would also like to point out that this is only the second mass shooting that involved a concert event. Paddock had on him modified weapons that are heard in a disturbing fashion as the hits keep coming the more unpleasant you watch it over, and over again. It is later revealed days after the attack that there was 23 other weapons in a bipods, and suitcases. If i'm a hotel manager why did nobody confiscate him in his stay? Yeah like I said on a previous comments 500+ badly wounded, while 59 had been found dead of this horrible act that is now the worst mass shooting in U.S history.

Okay my liberals, my conservatives, or even my independence please chime in on your way of logic how can we move from this because if the people of the white house do nothing what can we do? Accept the fact all these shootings are dramatically increasing as the decade goes on the more vile the stories become how crafty these scumbags are taking their own life. As always i'm the outlaw, and now please for love of got give me my prescription blood boils.


Just gonna copy what I said about gun control from my one post earlier...

Guns aren't the problem, the people using them are. Taking guns away will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to keep themselves alive in the event of another crisis. For this issue, gun control really does have a no-end-all solution. - NuMetalManiak

Only police should have guns. A citizen pulling out a would only make a situation worse 9 times out of 10 - LarrytheFairy

The saying "Guns don't kill people" is true, I can agree, but let me just add an extension to that saying to make it even more accurate.
"Guns don't kill people but they make it easier for people to do so".
Now you could argue that a car or something can also make it easier for people to kill. I will agree to an extent but let me reply with this. While a car can be used to kill, it's purpose is clearly nowhere near such. A car's purpose is to transport the one who uses it as so. Same thing as like a hammer, it can be used to kill but it's purpose is not that at all.
A gun was made to be an offensive tool, a weapon used in battle and war. It has no other purpose than to shoot. People either use it for killing or hunting (which is still killing but just legally). There really is no other purpose that a gun has. The argument of self-defense seems too petty in some cases. Life isn't an action movie. You aren't just gonna stop a shooter as easy as seen on T.V.. It's a risky move and attempting it probably won't go as planned.
Look, I get where the argument of keeping guns comes from, but at this point, what other options do we necessarily have. Unless we somehow come with a plan that allows citizens to be safe and keep guns legal, I really don't see a better plan. Feel free to call me out on how I'm so wrong. I only know as much as the next guy, this is all just from observations and a bit of my own morals. - cjWriter1997

What a good comment - LarrytheFairy

CJ for President - TwilightKitsune

As Larry said, pulling out a gun in a fight will make the situation ten times worse. The point of "guns not killing people, people kill people" is redundant considering the amount of madmen out there. Whatever, just don't complain that terrorist attacks keep happening when there's easy access to this sort of weaponry. - IronSabbathPriest

I don't believe guns solv problems. I believe they can make them worse. But if you really feel like you need a gun you should be authorized to have one and responsible with it, and only use it when you really need it. - visitor

Taking away a law abiding citizens gun would be against the 2nd amendment. Plus if we were to take away all the guns then it still would not stop the killings. They'll use the black market, they'll use cars, knifes, toxic gas. When will it stop. Now what I recommend is what the last shooter had was a extender (I can't think of what it was called.) It basically makes a semi automatic a fully automatic. How about we just ban the extenders? - 2storm

I really am for regulating guns and making sure idiots don't get them legally. But taking them away completely I think is not the answer. Just because you outlaw guns doesn't mean that criminals will stop using them. They are criminals, so of course they most likely obtain the guns illegally anyway from the black market. Taking away guns from law abiding citizens who use it for protection takes AWAY their right to bear arms. So I think that would obviously lead to more successful break ins from criminals who obtained the guns illegally in the first place, because now citizens cannot protect their family. - Phillip873

This isn't an issue that affects me much, but we should only give guns to those who use it for protection or those with a job that requires it (such as hunting). Criminals will only find ways across a full-on ban. - Swellow

Hey, it worked for Australia didn't it?

Let's at least try you know, so many trgadies. - ProPanda

Duh. - TwilightKitsune

Gun control laws won't stop criminals. - Therandom

The 2nd amendment was drawn up when the deadliest weapon was a musket. Now we have guns, and tomorrow we could have something much worse.

Stop now before it's too late. - TwilightKitsune