Weirdest Lists that Haven't Been Made

Do not make these exampled lists. Or else you'll be on an actual idiot list.

The Top Ten

1 Top 10 Famous People I've Killed

Only if those famous people are Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Bruno Mars - lukestheman4

Oh crap,
DELETE LIST! - PotBellyPup

Awesome! I'd love to make such a list... Admin? May I? Oh. Guess not. - HezarioSeth

2 Top 10 Doorknobs

Doorknobs? That's so random. xD

Doorknobs is a topic we'd all like to discuss. Admit it.

3 Top 10 Earthquakes I'd Love to Be In
4 Top 10 Wives I've Cheated On
5 Top 10 Execution Videos On the Net
6 Top 10 Fakest Top 10 Lists
7 Top 10 Types of Clouds

What is weird about it? - Userguy44

8 Top 10 Different Kinds of Diarrhea

since when is there more than one?
I was going to choose the one about clouds, but then I saw this one and said to myself "this is the one"!

9 Top 10 People I've Hated But Married Cause I Liked to Lie
10 Top 10 Golf Clubs

omg I laughed hard
but yeh, no one likes golf

The Contenders

11 Top Ten Greenest Monkeys
12 Top Ten People I've Had Sex With

If you make this list, people, show your boy/girlfriends. - PositronWildhawk

13 Top Ten Lamps
14 Top 10 TVs I've Twerked At
15 Top Ten Shock Collars
16 This List (10 Years Ago)
17 Top Ten Corndog Brands
18 Top Ten Brands of Thermometers
19 Top 10 Gayest Dogs You Have Owned
20 Top 10 "Ways To Kill" Lists
21 Top 10 Reasons Why Twerking Is Better Than Ebola
22 Top 10 Different Colored Pieces Of Poop In The World
23 Top 10 Where's Waldo Locations
24 Top Ten Stupidest Lists
25 Top 10 Reasons Dimash Kudaibergen Has a Hot and Sexy Brain

I think we know who's going to make this. - Cyri

26 Top Ten Bra Sizes of Popular TopTenners
27 Top 10 Kinkiest Users of TheTopTens
28 Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 12 of SpongeBob SquarePants
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