Weirdest Looking Letters In the English Alphabet


The Top Ten

1 Q

Literally looks like someone smoking - MasterHand

I just noticed that all 26 letters of the alphabet are on this list. Q has to be the weirdest though - KingSlayer93316

O with a willy


2 C
3 W

Oh and the Words 'With' and 'Word' start with W too - BorisRule

W is weird because weird starts with W

4 V
5 F
6 G

It's like C, but with a line protruding inward.

Whenever you see a foreign alphabet, like the Cyrillic alphabet, there's always that "one" letter that looks really weird to you. (To me, it's "�""")
I bet when foreigners learn the Latin alphabet, this is probably the letter they find weird. - Rocko

7 E
8 P
9 B
10 D

The Contenders

11 I
12 S
13 M
14 Y
15 Z
16 U
17 O
18 A
19 X
20 R
21 T
22 H
23 J
24 K
25 L
26 N
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