Top Ten Weirdest Metal and Hardcore Punk Genres

These are some of the weirdest Metal and Hardcore Punk genres that mankind created.
With genres, I mean actual genres, where you can hear the 'weirdness' in the music itself, and not the lyrics.
So no genres like 'Unblack Metal' and 'National Socialist Black Metal'.

The Top Ten

1 Kawaii Metal

Metal with Japanese vocalism, Electronic Dance Music, Industrial, and a lot of experimentation.
Very weird.

2 Nintendocore

Metalcore and Post-Hardcore with 8-bit sounds.
Yes, it is a thing.

3 Pornogrind

A very abrasive genre, which combines Hardcore Punk and noise music, with overly sexualized lyrics.

4 Rap Metal

This genre is just weird, combing RAP with METAL.
And Rap and Metal are totally different from each other, so combining it is just weird.
Look, It's not like I dislike it, but the idea is just weird.

5 Pirate Metal

I know it's sounds weird with this genre of Metal... but Alestorm is good bruhhh

Folk metal with pirate mythology, and sea shanties.
I know I said that 'lyrical' genres don't count, but pirate metal isn't just lyrical, and it also has stuff like 'sea shanties' so I think it counts for this list.

6 Drone Metal

This is one of the weirdest ideas EVER.
It doesn't even sound like real metal to me:
Just one note stretched and delayed throughout one musical piece.

7 Goregrind

Same with Grindcore, but then with deep "watery" grunts (often with pitch shifters).

8 Depressive Suicidal Black Metal

Black Metal with repetitive riffs, long songs, depressed lyrics, and a very bad sound quality (mostly on purpose).

9 Electronicore

Not very weird, but mixing electronics with metalcore post-hardcore doesn't go very well.

10 Glam Metal

Heavy Metal and Pop don't go together.
It doesn't sound like Metal at all.

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