Weirdest Moves Pokemon Can Learn

Don't count Gen I, for example, Charizard can't learn fly, because there was only one type to each Pokemon. And don't count Pokemon who can learn everything (e.g. Mew) or by event (e.g. Pikachu with fly).

The Top Ten

1 Dugtrio - Supersonic Skystrike
2 Rhydon - Surf

This actually makes sense. When you need to cross the water, you need something to Rhyd on. - PageEmperor

3 Exeggcute - Strength
4 Wooper - Ice Punch

And at that moment,

Wooper realised, without having any fists...

He WAS the fist! - PageEmperor

5 Dodrio - Fly

It's an ostrich.

6 Shedinja - Sandstorm
7 Elgyem - Steel Wing

Let me guess, it actually does have wings but hypnotises everyone into thinking it doesn’t. - PageEmperor

8 Slowbro - Flamethrower
9 Oddish - Cut
10 Charizard - Solarbeam

Really? this is really ugly and weird

The Contenders

11 Alolan Sandshrew - Sunny Day
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