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61 Rubber Johnny - Aphex Twins
62 The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang

Guys in monkey suits running around Paris being VERY Strange.

63 Silent Shout - The Knife

Probably the creepiest music video after anything by Apehx Twin. I'm not sure what gets you very uncomfortable about the whole thing, the eerie setting, or the creepy as hell faces that are on these aliens. Non the less, something that will give you nightmares for a little while to come.

64 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

5 guys running around the beach, chasing after a girl

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65 Starships - Nicki Minaj

This song is amazing

66 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants
67 Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The name goes with the video because it's about a werewolf who murders the band and the fans. It's weirder because instead of blood it's replaced with confetti

68 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
69 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Marilyn Manson
70 Baby - Justin Bieber
71 Leave Me Alone - Michael Jackson
72 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON

All of KPP's music videos are weird. She is Japanese, enough said.

I can dig weird American videos. Those set a bar that even I can get past.

Japan however... being on an island for centuries must get the imagination going, huh? It's pretty likely that these over-the-top visuals are satire, but come on. I can't get past the real-life cartoony aspect of having human-sized eyeballs fall off of even larger slices of bread that appear out of thin air, then shrink to the size of marbles and roll out of Kyary's mouth. It's just so damn surreal; it's like I'm taking LSD without taking it.

And that's not even getting to the other visuals; like the CGI giant hornet, the Blues Clues-esqe clock, and a woman who looks like her face is made out of red noodles. Kyary also eats a mustache, so that's enough internet for me today. - SwagFlicks

73 Parisian Goldfish - Flying Lotus

Basically a middle-aged couple have sex with the privates being covered by colored pencils I believe. The tune is really good though. - djpenquin999

74 Reverie - Arca
75 Tron Song - Thundercat
76 BB Talk - Miley Cyrus
77 I Wanna Love You Tender - Ilkka Lipsanen and Armi Aavikko
78 Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Primus

The song and video that got me hooked on Primus

I love this song but the video is unnecessary. - Sabbath

79 F*** the Pain Away - Peaches

Pretty much antyhing developed by peaches is odd in it's own sense. All her music videos have a unique quality about them.

80 Stamina - Vitalic

This music video is awesome and should be viewed a bit more. A lot of things made by Vitalic are great. There are a lot of techno/electronic artists out there with very odd music videos, including this one.

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