Top Ten Weirdest Named Deadmau5 Songs

A list of Deadmau5 songs that have the weirdest names.

The Top Ten Weirdest Named Deadmau5 Songs

1 Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer

This title makes me crack up every time! It's so funny lol.

2 Telemiscommunications

I can barley pronounce it. - letdot52

3 Take Care of the Proper Paperwork
4 My Pet Coelacanth

A Coelacanth is a species of fish that existed during the time of the Dinosaurs. And it's still alive today!

What the hell is a coelacanth?! - AlphaQ

5 Lack of a Better Name
6 Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
7 Errors in My Bread
8 Some Kind of Blue
9 Sofi Needs a Ladder
10 There Might Be Coffee

Hey, There might be coffee in the kitchen, you should go get some sometime, if you want. - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 Ghosts N' Stuff
12 Phantoms Can't Hang
13 Unspecial Effects
14 Faxing Berlin
15 The Reward Is Cheese
16 Attention Whore
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