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1 Shigins


2 Drug

Anyone who names their kid drugs is probably on drugs.

Oh my gosh could you imagine how bad people would pick at you?! I'm mean that is wrong! Think about it... "Hi my names Drug! "

Hey, Drug, how ya doing'?
Sounds so weird and insulting, suggesting that they're on them! Why would you want to be called or call someone "Drug"?!

I would change my name to Doug

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3 Spingebill

Worst type of cancer in toptenlist

On drugs...

4 Daiodinde V 2 Comments
5 Bert
6 June

Mike: What's the month today June?
June: June?
Mike: Well, yes I'm talking to you June.
June: JUNE!

I think June is a cute name. It could be short for Juniper.

I don't think June is a weird name

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7 Deshun
8 Quincy

Who names a kid after John Quincy Adams

9 Caca

It stinks to say, that weird name means poop in Spanish.

Who would name their child "poop."

Why On EARTH Would You Name Your Child After Poop? That's So RUDE!

So Weird

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10 Jaeln

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? Pickle

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11 Sunshine Rain Water

Why would anyone name a person after weather?

Who does this?

Sound like the name for a Mary Sue. - Lunala

12 Johnny V 2 Comments
13 Joe

There is a commercial on the radio and some guy comes to the door and the husband says to the wife "honey look it's joe" and whenever a commercial of the same company is on, I yell "honey look it's joe" in a really weird voice

How is this weird at all?! It's a common name

14 Poopy

Who would name their kid poopy?

Holly crap! What is wrong with poppy's parents! They are probably fat.

Dumbest name ever - Lunala

Dude that should be number one poopys parents are drugged out pervers

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15 Ronica
16 Bob V 3 Comments
17 Jeffray
18 Shmeal
19 Lettuce

What person names their kid lettuce? The name Amabel I get only because it's an extremely old name (older than Annabelle, Anabel, however you spell it) and it makes sense to be a name, but Lettuce is just messed up. - Anonymousxcxc

20 Bubbles

Wanna go play with bubbles Bubbles? Yikes

It's only good on the power puff girls

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