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1 Caca

In third grade, I would call my BFF Cassie CaCa and she would call me Wiwi, short for Olivia, but sometimes she would call me Wittermelon. We were so stupid back then.

Means "poop" in spanish lol Imagine taking your child named caca to mexico or spain, he/she would easily get made fun of

It stinks to say, that weird name means poop in Spanish.

Why On EARTH Would You Name Your Child After Poop? That's So RUDE!

2 Poopy

Who would name their kid poopy?

Holly crap! What is wrong with poppy's parents! They are probably fat.

Dumbest name ever - Lunala

It's not nice to say this is a bad name. My name is Poopy

3 Spingebill

Why does this sound like SpongeBob?

Means "pushes bill" - 445956

Worst type of cancer in toptenlist

On drugs...

4 Shigins

Sounds like the name of an obsecure disease old people can catch. - Lunala


5 Drug

I don't know about this but I read about an incident (in 2016) when a UK woman wanted to name her daughter Cyanide as she thought "it's a lovely name" and "positive because it killed Hitler and Goebbels".
She had twins, wanted to name the other 8 month old kid "Preacher".
...both were removed from her care, now - living with foster parents who named them "Annie" and "Harrie". - Ananya

Anyone who names their kid drugs is probably on drugs.

Oh my gosh could you imagine how bad people would pick at you?! I'm mean that is wrong! Think about it... "Hi my names Drug! "

Hey, Drug, how ya doing'?
Sounds so weird and insulting, suggesting that they're on them! Why would you want to be called or call someone "Drug"?!

6 Deshun
7 Dick

Its another word for a certain body part - Lunala

It used to be a common nickname for Richard - blackflower

A Classic swedish name

8 Bert

Whats wrong with this name - ShebaDaDog

9 Daiodinde

Is this a boy or girl name. I cannot pronounce it and I don't know what it means. This name is terrible, horrible, and simply the worst name on your list.

I can't even pronounce it.

10 Sunshine Rain Water

Why would anyone name a person after weather?

Sound like the name for a Mary Sue. - Lunala

What kind of name is Sunshine Rain Water?!

This is to long!

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11 June

I think June is a cute name. It could be short for Juniper.

I don't think June is a weird name

Mike: What's the month today June?
June: June?
Mike: Well, yes I'm talking to you June.
June: JUNE!

My dog is named June, so shut it. - AnonymousChick

12 Quincy

Who names a kid after John Quincy Adams

10/best president 4 tricycles

13 Jaeln
14 Johnny

Here comes Johnny!

Eating sugar?

Because regret

Come pee on Johnny with your urine! -cs188 YTP

15 Dickie

Lil dicky anyone?

16 Joe

There is a commercial on the radio and some guy comes to the door and the husband says to the wife "honey look it's joe" and whenever a commercial of the same company is on, I yell "honey look it's joe" in a really weird voice

How is this weird at all?! It's a common name

Its kinda weird because it looks like Joee

17 Ash

Anyone who gives their baby this name wants their child to be the best, the best there ever was - Lunala

What! This name is like volcanic ash - JolteonIsAwesome

I choose you


18 Bob

Bob is not a weird name at all

Funny 2 joke about

Bob is the best name in the whole wide world! (No offense other people.) -UnicornSwirlyPop

This is bob 😎 Bob says hi 🖐 This is bob when a car comes by 😲 If you were at my school and you were called bob people would say that to you all the time.

19 Jeffray

Sounds like it's southern

It's supposed to be a "e" instead of an "a"

20 Lettuce

My bffs real actual name is this guys and I am sorry for swearing in this minecraft server

This is weird - Lunala

What person names their kid lettuce? The name Amabel I get only because it's an extremely old name (older than Annabelle, Anabel, however you spell it) and it makes sense to be a name, but Lettuce is just messed up. - Anonymousxcxc

Mmmm yummy great name, I wanna eat some lettuce now

21 Shmeal

Isn’t Shmeal the kid from the movie and book “The boy in the striped pyjamas”.

22 Ronica

You could call them Ronnie for short or maybe it is short for Veronica

23 Chungabung

That is the most unfortunate name I have heard. Other than Poopy of course.

24 Lyric

Yesss Lyrics with her best friend String and her step-brother chord. Did I mention her Father tambourine and her mother Tula Does The Hula From Hawaii

Terrible Sonic Game - 445956

This name actually sounds kinda cool - Lunala

25 Tuff
26 Bubbles

Wanna go play with bubbles Bubbles? Yikes

It's only good on the power puff girls

That is so weird!

27 Tyrone

only ugly kids have this name tbh

28 Roxy

Certain type of people would LOVE this person

29 Crapinson

That is crap right there that you even put that name!

REALLY, that name is sad, bro.

Oof if this is your name your parents hate you!

Wow, just wow.

30 Uzuzi
31 Morm
32 Suzy-Ann
33 Davonte'

This name is actually pretty cool

34 Billy Bob

Weird, but I like it.

Yeehaaah! Pass the moonshine an' shag ya sister.

35 Jar Jar

Why would a kid be named after the worst Star Wars character ever? - Anonymousxcxc


Jar Jar wants his BINK-y get it - Lunala

Hope your last name ain’t Binks

36 Keezo
37 Sasha

Sasha is a good name, not the cutest, but nice.

38 Burger

Me: *hungry*
Nurse: What would you like to name your son?
Husband: What would you like from wendys?
Me: *answers husband first*
Nurse: *still waiting for an answer
Me: Burger
Nurse & Husband: Okay
Nurse: *hands burger over to me* Heres your son, burger ma'am

39 Nevaeh

Nevaeh is such a nice name! I love it! Nothing is weird about it at all at my school there were 5 Nevaehs in just the 7th and 8th grade!

It sounds like the US state Nevada. - JoeBoi

The cutest name ever (heaven to neveah)

40 Narleena
41 FedEx

Who names a kid FedEx. - Anonymousxcxc

Ok... why would someone name there kid after a company? the next one might be UPS, lol

42 McDonald


43 Myles
44 Godpower

Amazing talented show stopping beautiful

45 Pomeroy
46 Rowncier
47 Flipparunia
48 Muhammad

... how come it's a weird name?

It's a famous name in arab countries and some other part of the world

It is weird when you're not Arabic

Prophet Muhammad is not weird

49 Trixie
50 Spiro

I hope to god his last name isn't subway

I knew someone named Spiro in 3rd grade. He was a prick. - NightmareCinema

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