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21 Suzy-Ann
22 Ronica
23 Billy Bob

Weird, but I like it.

Yeehaaah! Pass the moonshine an' shag ya sister.

24 Jeffray
25 Lettuce

This is weird - Lunala

What person names their kid lettuce? The name Amabel I get only because it's an extremely old name (older than Annabelle, Anabel, however you spell it) and it makes sense to be a name, but Lettuce is just messed up. - Anonymousxcxc

26 Tuff
27 Shmeal
28 Chungabung
29 Tyrone
30 Lyric

This name actually sounds kinda cool - Lunala

Terrible Sonic Game - 445956

31 Roxy
32 Sasha

Sasha is a good name, not the cutest, but nice.

33 Uzuzi
34 Morm
35 Davonte'
36 Keezo
37 FedEx

Who names a kid FedEx. - Anonymousxcxc

Ok... why would someone name there kid after a company? the next one might be UPS, lol

38 Pomeroy
39 Sally

I probably wouldn't name my kid Sally, but that still doesn't make it weird.

40 McKenzie

Its good if you spell is Mackenzie

I know someone with this name who is nice - Lunala

Old Mckenzie had a farm eieio! And on this farm they had a bad name eieio! With a yuck yuck here and a yuck yuck there here a yuck there a yuck everywhere a yuck yuck! Old Mckenzie had a farm eieio!

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