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41 Marcus
42 Jarate

I am a third degree blacl belt in this!

Spongebob should teach this kid JA-RA-TAY - Lunala

43 Nevaeh

The cutest name ever (heaven to neveah)

44 Anabie
45 Ash

Anyone who gives their baby this name wants their child to be the best, the best there ever was - Lunala

What! This name is like volcanic ash - JolteonIsAwesome


46 Augustus
47 Misty V 1 Comment
48 Muhammad

... how come it's a weird name?

It's a famous name in arab countries and some other part of the world

V 1 Comment
49 FedEx

Who names a kid FedEx. - Anonymousxcxc

Ok... why would someone name there kid after a company? the next one might be UPS, lol

50 Cloud
51 Buford V 1 Comment
52 Suzy
53 Bill
54 Kaya
55 Hung Luo
56 Helga

Now whenever I hear the name Helga I think of Helga Pataki. However I don't think it's weird. - Anonymousxcxc

Is this a weird name? Yes definitely

57 Cornelious
58 Shoaib
59 Steffannie

I like steffanie but I would do stephanie not the way they spelled it

60 Clover
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