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41 Rowncier
42 Daxton
43 Myles
44 Jar Jar

Why would a kid be named after the worst Star Wars character ever? - Anonymousxcxc


Jar Jar wants his BINK-y get it - Lunala

45 Nevaeh

The cutest name ever (heaven to neveah)

46 Narleena
47 Augustus
48 Misty

Misty is a good name.

49 Muhammad

... how come it's a weird name?

It's a famous name in arab countries and some other part of the world

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50 Cloud
51 Buford

You in a heap o' trouble boy...

52 Suzy
53 Bill
54 Kaya
55 Hung Luo
56 Helga

Now whenever I hear the name Helga I think of Helga Pataki. However I don't think it's weird. - Anonymousxcxc

Is this a weird name? Yes definitely

I thought of Helga off hey arnold or Helga Hufflepuff - Lunala

57 Cornelious
58 Shoaib
59 Steffannie

I like steffanie but I would do stephanie not the way they spelled it

60 Clover
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