Top Ten Weirdest Nicknames Parents Give to Their Babies


The Top Ten

1 Pumpkin Pie
2 My Boo Boo

That point where they go like "my boo boo" and stick their finger in the mouth and run it over their cheek - frankjackson

I'm glad to say only my brother was called this, but I was called something competitively awful. - PositronWildhawk

I hated it when they called me this. - cosmo

Boo Boo is another word for "mistake"... Uhh.. Just let that sink in... - Lunala

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3 Honey Bump

This is bizarre - Lunala

4 Puffy Bluffs
5 Teddy Bear
6 Baby Bink
7 Sausage
8 Silver
9 Sunday
10 Chocolate Princess

Sounds like a name for an Adventure Time princess of a Chocolate Kingdom (Even though chocolate is candy so they live in the candy kingdom with pb) - Lunala

The Contenders

11 Candy Bar

What are their parents, cannibals? - IronSabbathPriest

Isn't it amazing that most of this names are from food stuff - frankjackson

12 Pumperdinkle

Please tell me she means PUMPERNICKEL D:

13 Pudding Tater
14 Elmo
15 Chavo
16 Hitler

Eww What the Hell - Lunala

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