Top Ten Weirdest Nicknames Parents Give to Their Babies


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1 My Boo Boo

Stupid name, anyone with that name would probably get beaten up in school sadly.

That point where they go like "my boo boo" and stick their finger in the mouth and run it over their cheek - frankjackson

I'm glad to say only my brother was called this, but I was called something competitively awful. - PositronWildhawk

I hated it when they called me this. - cosmo

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2 Pumpkin Pie
3 Honey Bump

This is bizarre - Lunala

4 Puffy Bluffs
5 Teddy Bear

Ted: Am I a joke to you?

6 Baby Bink
7 Silver

That'd be cool name, well at least for me. - BorisRule

8 Sunday
9 Sausage

They’re probably referring to the penis

10 Chocolate Princess

Sounds like a name for an Adventure Time princess of a Chocolate Kingdom (Even though chocolate is candy so they live in the candy kingdom with pb) - Lunala

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11 Candy Bar

What are their parents, cannibals? - IronSabbathPriest

Isn't it amazing that most of this names are from food stuff - frankjackson

12 Pudding Tater


13 Pumperdinkle

Please tell me she means PUMPERNICKEL D:

14 Baby

Just straight out baby why don't you call them by their real name like my baby sis in all her cute videos we go like "hi baby, hi baby" instead of her real name

My relatives do this too!

15 Elmo
16 Chavo
17 Hitler

Eww What the Hell - Lunala

18 Donut

I was told that the nurse called me this when I was born. I was told that she was referring to my private parts. I was like "what? "

19 Chubby Monkey

Well she doesn't eat bananas yet and its kinda rude to call by sister chubby

20 Crabbycakes

Are you gonna eat her or somethings

21 Honey
22 Sweetie
23 Dear
24 Bugaboo

Silly kitty!

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