Top Ten Weirdest Phobias

These people are scared to death of things like this. I promise you that they are all existent and genuine. What boggles is how they came to be.

Which is the weirdest one, though?

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1 Hydrophobophobia (Fear of Hydrophobia)

Are you scared of getting the fear, because I am scared of getting the fear of snakes, so that is understandable if you look farther into it!

So your afraid of people who are afraid of water?

What? That's weird. in a good way.

A phobia of a phobia? seems legit

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2 Phobophobia (Fear of Fear Itself)

Rather self-inflicted if you fear it! - PositronWildhawk

3 Panophobia (Fear of Everything)

Imagine having Panophobia and Phobophobia! Agony! - PositronWildhawk

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4 Autophobia (Fear of Oneself)

That would be unbelievably awkward!

That makes sense if you are not sure what you are going to do - in terms of murder and other essential things...

SO WEIRD! I would never do that, I'm the best on the planet

How would you live with yourself!

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5 Papaphobia (Fear of the Pope)

I don't like our pope he is antipope - EliHbk

Get away FRANCIS!

6 Arachibutyrophobia (Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of Your Mouth)

Why Peanut Butter? I know, very sticky, but what about treacle or golden syrup sticking to the roof of your mouth? How does peanut butter make a difference? - PositronWildhawk

Hmm What about the bottom of your mouth

When I was younger, I refused to eat peanut butter and jelly because it stuck to the roof of my mouth. maybe I had this phobia? although I don't think I was fearful of it, mostly annoyed. - CutiePoops

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7 Dextrophobia (Fear of Objects to Your Right)

Um, what kind of phobia is this? - RockFashionista

Left handed people probably have this

This is really weird
What's the fear of objects to your left

Can You sit on the LEFT side of me ok thankyou

8 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (Fear of Long Words)

You might have thought that they would give it a shorter name to take the pressure off of sufferers. - PositronWildhawk

Clearly the guy who came up with this name didn't have the phobia - Danielsun182

I have a fear of long words this word is creeping me out stop making fun of people's fears

The irony is that the word for the fear of long words is a very long word

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9 Anatidaephobia (Fear of Being Watched by a Duck)

Okay, this is weird. I don't know about fear of being watched by ducks, but fear of being watched by owls can be creepy. Ever walked through the woods and felt you were being watched? - emraldYE

Well I would be pretty freaked out with a duck sitting there watching me to

My brother has a fear of being watched by an owl ever since he watched this one horror movie...

I wonder why people are scared of duck so much... - GirlyAnimeLover

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10 Mastophobia (Fear of Breasts)

Get away from me with your giant knockers woman, don't you know I suffer from mastophobia?!

The idea of this really cracks me up

That's just strange

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11 Xanthophobia (Fear of the Colour Yellow)

Hi. I think I may know someone who suffers terribly with this... - Britgirl

Poor people, they can't watch SpongeBob - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

My favorite color is yellow.
I have some unusually serious arachnophobia instead

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12 Cathisophobia (Fear Of Sitting)

Wha?! I can't even...

Wha the... just wha? What kinda person is afraid of sitting? The heck does that make any sense at all? The hell do they do if if they faint in a chair? Do they just scream their heads out? Just plain what kinda person makes this poo up?

Legs would get tired very fast...

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13 Claustrophobia (Fear of Closed Spaces)

I understand this one!

14 Trypophobia (Fear of Holes)
15 Ideophobia (Fear of Ideas)

Gosh! No evolution of thought. Dumb. - LightningBlade

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16 Ombrophobia (Fear of Rain)
17 Somniphobia (Fear of Falling Asleep)

This can be somewhat understandable though, depending on situations. - LemonComputer

18 Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders)

It's reasonable in places like Brazil and Australia, where it probably originated, so I wouldn't say Arachnophobia was all that weird. It wouldn't be reasonable in places like the UK, where spiders are harmless, but in tropical places, fearing spiders is rational. - PositronWildhawk

Call me a wimp, but I can't stand being around Spiders. Being afraid of bugs and Arachnids isn't even out of the ordinary when it comes to phobias either. - Rue

Me too, I'm afraid of spiders

How is this weird ITS MY WORST FEAR

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19 Demonophobia (Fear of Demons) V 1 Comment
20 Eisoptrophobia (Fear Of Mirrors)

I have this, even if it's daytime I freak out while seeing a mirror, my friend and I were walking in a beautiful garden, I turned to see a mirror and started screaming, It's only because... I don't know.

I kinda have this only if the room I'm in ranges from very dim to darkness and has mirrors

I have a fear of seeing myself. - LemonComputer

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