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21 Deipnophobia (Fear of Dinner Conversation) V 2 Comments
22 Triskaidekaphobia (Fear of the Number 13)

I think this is the devils lucky number.

23 Pentheraphobia (Fear of Step Mother)

Come on people - you know this phobia came about after Cinderella...

Well what if your parents divors and you don't WANT step mother?

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24 Pediophobia (Fear Of Dolls)

There might just be horror movies of dolls that will probably kill you in your sleep.

I have this,I can Never go to my grans house because she collect's dolls...
I freak out and nearly have a panic attack when I am made to go!

This is understandable, fear of a duck watching you isn't rexalled normal however...

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25 Bannaphobia - Fear of Bannas

My sister has it cause mosquitos like bannas and she is very alirgic to them some people thought she gad chicken pocks

26 Ornithophobia (Fear of Birds)
27 Omphalophobia (Fear of the Navel)
28 Pogonophobia (Fear of Beards)
29 Ergophobia (Fear of Work)
30 Nanosophobia (Fear of Dwarfs)

My sister's best friend has this phobia. She fell unconscious on seeing a dwarf at a science fair. - LightningBlade

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31 Nosophobia (Fear of Having a Disease)

This kinda offends a lot of people I_I happy breast cancer awarness month

V 2 Comments
32 Octophobia (Fear of the Number 8) V 1 Comment
33 Sitophobia (Fear of Eating)

Maybe that's why some people are starving!

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34 Agoraphobia (Fear of Places and Situations That Might Cause Panic, Helplessness, or Embarrassment) V 1 Comment
35 Chionophobia (Fear of Snow)

How would you survive without snow at Christmas?

36 Anglophobia (Fear of England)

What's to fear about a green and pleasant land? Imagine if an Englishman had this, it would be terrible! - Britgirl

Ha, I'm from England, Why'd anybody fear such a beautiful place?

This is so offensive to Dan and Phil

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37 Mageirocophobia (Fear of Cooking)
38 Agyrophobia (Fear of Crossing Street) V 1 Comment
39 Acrophobia (Fear of Heights)
40 Amaxophobia (Fear of Riding In a Car)
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