Top Ten Weirdest Places to Ask Someone for Sex


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Can you have sex with me bobbythebrony?

That would be kind of creepy - bobbythebrony

One person certainly comes to mind... - PositronWildhawk

Hi. Do you want to have sex with me?

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2 In the school's principal's office after you got in trouble for smacking your math teacher with a giant pink dildo

I laughed at this? Is that weird? - Nashville

3 Omegle

This is too weird - bobbythebrony

4 In a class about STDs
5 While listening to your seven year old sister sing Justin Bieber songs all day long

Not all people have a seven year old sister.

6 In a courtroom during a serial rape trial

Haha! One member of the jury gets a bit over excited on hearing certain details... Well it COULD happen! ; ) - Britgirl

7 In an insane asylum

Been there done that - bobbythebrony

8 At a Miley Cyrus concert

Like the one where she straddled that giant inflatable penis - bobbythebrony

9 At your house when you can hear your parents doing it in the next room
10 In front of his/her parents

That's Awkward - 12cc

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11 At the funeral of a sex offender
12 On a magical rainbow, riding a unicorn

Ok why is this on hear

An asdf scene just popped into my head X D - JAE29

13 In a hospital room
14 At church
15 At a public bathroom

If the doors are closed and you can hold a delighted moan then what's the problem? - Swiftdawn

16 In the middle of your wedding

Yes, obvi! What if the person you ask isn't your soon-to-be spouse? Cheating on the first day! Ouch!

17 In P.E.
18 On a stage in front of the whole school
19 At Scarlett Johansson's House
20 In class

The teacher...

21 In the baby incubator room at a hospital
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