Top 10 Weirdest Places to Have a Wedding

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1 The Bathroom

Why anyone would want to have their wedding in the bathroom is beyond me.

Now that sounds like it could be a crappy wedding.

What this would be a very dumb place especially since a ton of people would be standing and their probably isn’t enough space.

That is just dumb

2 At a Cemetery

I bet people would be dying to attend the wedding. (Insert drum sound effect here)

Isn't getting married by a ton of dead people just lovely?

Only in Puerto Rico

3 A Haunted House

Could make sense if the both the husband and wife were huge fans of scary movies

4 On the Moon
5 On a Plane

What could possibly go wrong

Sounds kind of dangerous.

Sounds too dangerous

6 Under Water

What are you a fish why would you get married underwater?

Unless you live in Bikini Bottom that ain't happening.

Be careful. RIP, Reverend Kyle Lake.

7 At a Walmart
8 In a Volcano
9 Garbage Dump
10 Chuck E. Cheese's

That would be so weird it’s not even funny

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11 At a Divorce Attorney's Office

That’d be ironic

12 Inside Of A Garbage Bin
13 Your Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Backyard

Damn that’s one way to flex on your ex

14 In the Neighbor's Shower

How insane would you have to be to consider that?

15 At a Chemical Plant
16 At a Used Car Lot
17 McDonald's

Getting married by grossly obese people and bratty ghetto teenager sounds romantic. Doesn't it?

18 On an Ice Rink
19 Brony-Con
20 At A Stranger's House
21 At a Slave Plantation
22 At Comic-Con
23 Nudist Club

Getting married in the nude surrounded by other people also in the nude. How romantic

24 Bar

What could possibly go wrong

25 Long John Silver
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