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1 Magikarp - Gyarados

It's based off of an Asian legend where carp that make it through the waterfall become majestic sea serpents.

This person spelt magikarp wrong

The weakest Pokemon evolves into a water God of Pokemon

Magicrap into a strong sea-dragon. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

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2 Remoraid - Octillery

Has to be one of the weirdest - mrtisonholiday

Lol like everything on this list is water-types

It is wield how a fish turns into and octopus - 1507563

What is this based off of - PokemonGOSucks

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3 Dragonair - Dragonite

How does a walking stripe (or slithering) turn into a dragon. Either way I'm not complaining, it's a very strong Pokemon I don't care if it was originally a stripe it's still a great Pokemon.

We're not saying it's bad, We're just saying it's weird!

It's so weird a blue snake evolving into a dragon

Explain how a snake turns into a logic

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4 Feebas - Milotic

It's amazing how feebas goes from that small fish to one of the coolest designs after evolving. Kind of like magikarp - beatles5

An Ugly Magikarp lookalike evolving to this, This is weird how Gyarados and Milotic are similar - Super64Mario

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MILOTIC. But How does it evolve from an UGLY FISH THING? (not really that ugly though) How?

Feebas I would say is a rip off of magikarp. you can have better ideas, guys

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5 Clampearl - Huntail
6 Diglitt - Dugtrio

He evolves himself, he doesn't evolve by changes - Super64Mario

He grows three heads

This isn't even a evolution its just two more digletts - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

TOTALLY AGREE. How does a diglit turn into three :/

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7 Pikachu - Raichu

You are so wrong I love pikachu and raichu at the same time and don't be talking crud about pikachu because he is cute and my favorite electric type!

How does a stupid and horrible Pokemon evolve into a great special sweeper?

Pikachu's overrated.

How is this a weird evolution!?!?! Who the hell made this list!?!?

8 Shroomish - Breloom

Shroomish is a sad mushroom and breloom is a weird fighting toadstool

9 Clampearl - Goreabyss

Both clampearl evolutions are weird compared to the little pearl

A clam suddenly turns into a beautiful pink long sea snake... weird

10 Poliwhirl - Politoed

I just wanted o vote on this because I hate Politoed, and Poliwhirl is the best. Seriously though, this makes sense

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11 Bronzor - Bronzong
12 Kabutu - Kabutops

How does he emerge, and how does he gain a better head - Super64Mario

13 Dewott - Samurott

Where the heck did it get the front legs and the white sclera from?

Curse you samurott haters

Where did it get the helmet?

Uh, what happened?!

14 Trapinch - Vibrava - Flygon

This is really weird how can an anteater evolve into a fly? SO weird!

Crabs turn into fly's now I guess

15 Floette - Florges

A fairy that turns into a living garden?

16 Magnemite - Magneton

I've always found this evolution to be strange, because it grows three more magnemite in the process... - itz_izzy

What happens when you cross a Magnemite with a lazy Pokemon designer? You get Magneton! - RiverClanRocks

17 Exeggcute - Exeggutor

A bunch of eggs evolves into a palm tree with three faces. What?

And yes I know they're seeds but THEY ARE NOT because one has a yolk

That's a strange evolution. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

It is weirder with alolan exeggutor(don't judge me because I spelled it wrong)

18 Cubone - Marowak

How can they call it an evolution when the pokemon just gets BIGGER? Yeah, I don't really care. But Marowak is just a Cubone who had a growth spurt. Why do it's stats increase

So Cubone lost its mother. How sad. Then it wears its mother's head. Makes sense. Oh wait, no it does not

How did he get that skull

Yeah fathers have 0 importance with cubones and marowak just bigger cubone

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19 Snorunt - Froslass

Does the dawn stone kill it? It literally becomes a ice/ghost type.

20 Gloom - Blossom

Bellossom is actually shorter (but a little heavier) than Oddish. - PokemonGOSucks

21 Pupitar - Tyranitar

Honestly this one kind of feels like a weird Weedle or Caterpie evolution line... what makes it weird is that Tyranitar is a dark rock, not a bug.. lol

Yeah I agree

This is def the wierdest cus ot goes from larvitar which has arms and legs to to cocoon looking thing to a t rex I mean I feel like if anything pupitar should be the first form

22 Dunsparce - Lugia

NOPE liar


Dunsparce is to op to evolve into lugia it evolve into a poison ground type's Base stat total is 9,999,999,999 Atk 9,999,999,999 Sp.Atk 9,999,999,999 HP 9,999,999,999 Def 9,999,999,999 Sp.Def 9,999,999,999 Spe.So op poison ground rayquaza.

Dunsparce evolves into a poison ground type rayquaza.but only if it's harness power with 9999 6-0 the level up to 100 then it will evolve into a level 1 poison ground type rayquaza.but only if your favorite pokemon is altaria.

23 Pichu - Pikachu
24 Meowth - Persian

Yeah but it makes more sense than some

Yeah what happened to his gold coin how did it just turn into a ruby and how come it changes from a cute huge headed small house cat to a cute practical large cat. I still love them both ~Galaxy Meowth

25 Palpitoad - Seismitoad
26 Abra Kadabra - Alakazam

Ok, Where did they get the spoons, Why would psychic Pokemon include silverware - Super64Mario

27 Gulpin - Swalot
28 Koffing - Weezing

Where did it get its extra head and what happened to its happiness?

29 Inkay - Malamar

They don't look weird, it's just how it happened

30 Bagon to Shelgon

Umm I think it turns to cocoon then pops out of it but still weird

31 Timburr - Gurdurr - Conkeldurr
32 Bulbasaur - Ivysaur Bulbasaur - Ivysaur Bulbasaur, known in Japan as Fushigidane, is the first Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

It makes sense... - PokemonGOSucks

33 Poliwag - Poliwhirl - Poliwrath
34 Graveler - Golem

He lost his 2 Hands! - Cubea

35 Trumbeak - Toucannon

How? Hummingbird to a toucan

36 Torracat - Incineroar

A tiger turns into a wrestler!? - UnovaKurusu

37 Smoochum - Jynx
38 Sentret - Furret
39 Cosmoem - Solgaleo or Lunala

How does a levitating golden eye evolves into a Lion or a Bat?

40 Larvitar - Pupitar

I not saying that they're not good,It's just weird.

41 Eevee - Umbreon
42 Buneary - Lopunny

How does a small bunny turn into a sexy one?

43 Fletchling - Fletchinder - Talonflame

So a pigeon will turn into a bigger fire pigeon and then into a fire falcon. Makes sense

44 Kakuna - Beedrill

Bees don't come from cocunes

45 Turtwig - Torterra
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