Top Ten Weirdest Pokemon

Any Pokémon gamer knows each generation has its own share of weirdos so, I'm gonna show you a list of 10 of the weirdest Pokémon to ever exist.

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1 Girafarig

Looking at Girafarig, and you'll know it's one weird Pokémon. Why? Oh, no reason, it's just that it has a head where it's tail is supposed to be! Imagine if Girafarig farts or does number 2!

2 Ditto Ditto

So weird like a walking blob of jelly which maybe get eaten by dumb people

It's a blob of jelly gone wrong

Ok how does that random crap even happen!? Seriously...

A very useful to any Player, since it allows us to obtain more Eevees, a Baby Pokemon & a chance to get the "Hitmon" we didn't choose. So, why is it weird? It can breed with ANY Pokémon, Male OR Female! Imagine if Ditto is a person what would s/he look like? What would s/he wear? Now that's weird

3 Shedinja
4 Espurr Espurr
5 Jynx Jynx Ice and Psychic type Pokemon. Similar to celebrity Nikki Minaj. Evolves from Smoochum. (What a great and thoughtful name.)

It's obviously based off Nicki Minaj -_-

Why is this pokemon wird oh no reason just well it has boobs. It has a black face and look at its lips! It walks around with zombie arms and makes a EXTREMELY wird noise just look at it and its skin is a dress shape! And if it's wearing clothes it wears its bra yes I said bra no spelling mistake, this pokemon wears is bra outside its clothes!

Evolution of the Jynx theory


Then it goes to Ditto ( Jynx without cloths)

Then Grimer (as soon as the ditto rots

And then Muk

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6 Cubone

We all know it's story about it and it's mother: Team Rocket barges into it's home, then KILLS it's mother in front of it's eyes. To make matters worse, the little Cubone has nothing to do but wear It's mother's skull.

Cubone's poked ex entries say that it's mother died from team rocket. Well how is that the case if you can easily breed a cubone at the daycare center? To all you cubones out there, your mom's a ditto...

7 Mr. Mime

Its pokedex entry is very weird...try it! Also look at its stupid little clown face...

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8 Hitmonchan Hitmonchan

You should be more relived it doesn't have Norris in it. Bunch of people be dead fast. Real fast.

Has ballet shoes and a skirt so why isn't it called butt kicking ballet dancer

Delivers a punch at the speed of a bullet train... wears a skirt

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9 Tyranitar Tyranitar V 1 Comment
10 Wobuffet

The Contenders

11 Inkay

Ok, I'll admit, Inkay is one cute Pokémon, but one question, How does it evolve into the mighty Malamar? Answer: play with the 3DS UPSIDE-DOWN! Imagine if it was real. How would you evolve it on real life? Now that's weird.

12 Klefki Klefki

This was just created because nintendo ran out of ideas

13 Magikarp Magikarp
14 Banette

According to the Pokedex, Banette is plush doll that was abandoned by some selfish kid or strict parent that came to life to seek revenge. Luckily, Banette doesn't exist in the Chucky movies, or we'd get one homicidal Pokémon out to kill not just his owner, but everyone else.

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15 Venonat Venonat
16 Feebas

It will eat anything that's just plain wrong

17 Vanilluxe
18 Vanillite

It's a Pokémon made of ice-cream. So we all scream for ice-cream. But imagine if you live in the tropic countries like Philippines or Mexico. Then you can say bye to your once delicious Pokémon. If you ask me, you live in the tropics, it's better to just eat it.

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19 Froslass Froslass
20 Garbodor Garbodor V 1 Comment
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