Top Ten Weirdest Questions Gay Couples Get

When you're gay, you get asked a lot of questions. Weird ones too. I actually get asked these questions. Your welcome to add any weird questions.

The Top Ten Weirdest Questions Gay Couples Get

1 Who's the guy and who's the girl?

I hate getting asked this question. - Imme

Both guys - Selfiefansman

2 Will you be my new gay best friend?

Why don't they just say will you be my new best friend - HollowArrow

People who ask this are probably yaoi fans who think gay people are “special uwu” - RoseWeasley

Nope - Selfiefansman

3 Do you check out guys together?

Yes. Better watch out Adam Levine - Selfiefansman

4 Will you have kids together?

That's a pretty stupid thing to say to a gay person. - TwilightKitsune

I will never adopt as I really hate kids - HollowArrow

Sure - Selfiefansman

5 Why are you gay?

Um because people can - HollowArrow

Because I was molested.

6 Are you sure you're not brothers?

Alabama 100 - RoseWeasley

Umm wierld question - HollowArrow

Positive - Selfiefansman

7 Will you go shopping with me?

Oh I would that sounds fun if I get something out of it like when my mom wants me to go to the mall she buys me food, snacks and drink, she also let me go on those massaging chairs in the mall - HollowArrow

I hate shopping - Selfiefansman

8 Is Desperate Housewives your favorite TV show?

Is that show still on. - Bignatefan

Nope. - PerfectImpulseX

Yea reality T.V. Shows suck. Look at keeping up with the Kardashians. And total Divas - Selfiefan68

9 Do you know any other gay people?

I believe gay people do have gay friends - HollowArrow

10 Who's on the top and who's on the bottom?

Personally we take turns. It's more fun that way - Selfiefan68

7w7 Depends

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? Do you guys hate Christians because some don't like gay people?
? Why don't you like girls?

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11 Will your kids play sports?

Um people even if they are gay should let their kids do what they desire - HollowArrow

12 When you go on a date, who pays?

It should be 50%-50% that tells the partners that you two are both committed to the relationship. During 80-20% Repersents that one partner is committed to the relationship and the other not so much. The only time it should be 100% is if you want to do something nice for your partner - HollowArrow

13 When your bored do you take a 100 question insanity test?

I do - HollowArrow

14 When you were young did it irritate you when people use gay as insult?

Yup but now idc - Selfiefan68

15 Would you pick 10 or 11?

I pick 11 do you get it - HollowArrow

No I don't - Selfiefan68

16 Does being gay make you more popular?

Why do you care?

Both ways. People either do or don't wanna be around - Selfiefan68

17 Why don't gay guys watch anime?

This question may sound stupid but, I just can't find a user who is gay to like this. - HollowArrow

Because it's stupid - Selfiefan68

18 Who does the cooking?

McDonald's - Selfiefansman

19 If your boyfriend commits suicide or dies, how do you react and what do you do?

Same way you would if you're family dies - Selfiefan68

20 Have anyone ever told you that being gay is wrong?

Have anyone ever told you to worry about yourself. - Selfiefansman

If they did than like I said my motto is : God is a desire and my god desires___________
well since I would be mad for someone saying something mean to you it wouldn't say Pain upon you. - HollowArrow

21 How's sex?

Awesome - Selfiefan68

22 Do y'all watch gay movies together?

Absolutely. We like King Cobra - Selfiefan68

23 Is your index finger bigger than your ring finger?
24 Who cleans the house
25 Do you ever get made fun of?
26 Are you guys commie?
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