Top Ten Weirdest Reasons to Call the Police

The Top Ten

1 "I Was Bored"

Cops: 911, what's your emergency?
Me: I'm bored.
Cops: That's not an emergency.
Me: But I'm bored.
Cops: Read a book or something.
Me: But that's boring.
Cops: You are wasting my time. - Pegasister12

2 "People Are Living Next Door"
3 "I Saw A Cat"


4 "I Can't Open A Jar"
5 "I Need A Girlfriend/Boyfriend"

Me: I need a date.
Cops: But I already have a wife. Plus, you are wasting my time. - Pegasister12

6 "I'm Wearing Pants"
7 "I Want Someone To Watch Netflix & Chill"
8 "I Have A Butt"
9 "My Internet Isn't Working"

I can believe some people actually do this. - Britgirl

10 "Give Me Toast"

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11 "I'm Pranking You"
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