Weirdest Regular Show Episodes Ever

These are the regular show episodes that took the biggest twist, that started out normally and became completely weird (In a good way) Please comment when you vote!

The Top Ten

1 Free Cake

The came MUST go on the plate.

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2 Guy's Night

Who would have guessed the villains

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3 Just Set Up The Chairs
4 Prank Callers

I love this one because if you watched it there was a SpongeBob lost episode called "The Sponge Who Could Fly" and they said the same thing " JOE MAMA " LOLOLOLOLOLOLO!

I know this is off topic, but does anybody have any books by... JOE MAMA? HAHAAHAHA

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5 Peeps

I hate that episode and it deserves to be on this list, it is to creepy

6 Benson Be Gone
7 It's Time
8 First Day
9 More Smarter

The thing I hate about this episode is Mordecai keeps making fun of Rigby because he didn't got a diploma! I feel sorry for Rigby because you know everybody is different and did Mordecai know that? So don't make fun of Rigby and drink more Rigjuice That Rigby made to make you dumber so how would you feel if Rigby made fun of YOU! This is the only episode that Mordecai acts like a jerk since he is one of my favorite characters.

All smart and stupid drinks where their speaking different languiges

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10 The Night Owl

Cause of the villain of the episode it looks so cool

The Contenders

11 Silver Dude

That fat dude is weird... - goosebumps885

Worst episode ever. regular show is dying

12 Caffeinated Concert Tickets

In end of episode, Mordecai and Rigby looks like used too much dope.

13 Jinx

This would make a great Teen Titans Go episode - toptenzen

14 Cool Cubed

This isn't necessarily weird as it is lazy and stupid. It's one of the worst episodes ever made. The villian is a copy off of caffeinated concert tickets, only annoying.

15 Dizzy
16 Bet To Be Blonde
17 Meat Your Maker
18 Appreciation Day
19 The Last Laserdisc Player

This episode was weird and had no comedy

20 The Unicorns Have Got to Go
21 Terror Tales of the Park

I love all the violence in the wizard story

22 House Rules
23 Terror Tales of the Park III

I like this episode.

24 Country Club
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