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21 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

They added on to the Bible with the Book of Mormon. This book states that God had sex with a bunch of Goddesses and eventually the virgin Mary. It also states that a Mormon who lives a perfect life can become a God and rule over their own planet.

I'm twelve... And I'm part of this church. Don't criticize it.

22 Ravidassia

I am proud to be a Ravidassa-Des Raj 9914499171

23 Judaism

Hey don't talk bad about Judaism. They had a bunch of hard luck because of Satan and bad people, and many hate them because they are the chosen group-though we are all special to God and Jesus.

I agree, Jews are causing a nasty image of themselves. They certainly are not peace loving or compassionate. They are driven by money and will not stop at hoarding, whether its money, land, businesses or entertainment. Israel seems to be the only country in the world with many many conflicts. They refuse Muslims to live freely, yet they are on Muslim land. Hitler did wrong, and was evil and his actions are not human, but did he know something we didn't, which is why he persecuted Jews amongst gypsys, Romanians. Not forget, Hitler did not have blonde hair and blue eyes, so in theory he should have hated himself. But amongst the hatred Hitler spread, why now do the Jews/Israelis make the Palestinians life hell.

Nothing to say mistakenly voted

In Jewish and I have to agree, my religion is pretty weird. But about Isreal- I actually am totally against the Jews in Isreal. I feel so bad for the Palestinians. The Jews kill thousands and it's never on the news, but if one Jew gets killed, everyone freaks out and starts calling Muslims terrorists. The Muslims are the ones defending themselves... Trust me I've been to Isreal before with my family. I've seen how it is there. And about Muslims- I actually have Muslim friends who are amazing. Only a few of them are terrorists and extremists. Most of them are nice and want peace.
But yeah even though I'm Jewish, Judaism is weird, but In a cool way, like our traditions.

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24 Sikhism

We are weird, we are helpful

25 Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth V 1 Comment
26 Creativity Movement V 1 Comment
27 Rastafarianism

1)They smoke marijuana.

2)Like the Prince Philip Movement mentioned in the list, they believe that a certain person of royalty is God Incarnate(though in their case, it's the last emperor of Ethiopia).

28 Maratreanism
29 Wicca Wicca

The bible does say black magic is from devil and should be NEVER looked up. It's THAT BAD!

The other idiot should learn wiccans don't do black magic but white

30 Westboro Baptist Church

The most radical sect of Christianity, and is one of the biggest reasons why people hate Christians especially in America.

Radical Christians that claim God hates gays. He doesn't! He is against sin yes, but He loves us nonetheless.

31 Brahmanism
32 Zen
33 Raƫlism
34 Confucianism Confucianism Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life.

I don't have much against this other than ancestor worship.

35 Shamanism
36 Pentecostalism
37 Discordianism

Hail Eris, goddess of Discord!

38 Shia Muslim

I am Sunni Muslim, but that religion is a religion against Islam

39 Shwetambar Jainism

I am proud to be jain this is the only religion which teach us non violence and truth & not to harm any creature of the world.

40 Catholicism
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