Weirdest Rhythm Heaven Games


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1 Donk-Donk

Even the game can't begin to describe what it is. - smileykits

So there are three tuning forks driving a blimp for an octopus to get to heaven world while making weird noises (DWONK)

Three forks clank each other to get an octopus on a rocket through candy land while making donks. GENIUS!

2 Rhythm Tweezers Rhythm Tweezers

Creepy hairy onion plucking with hypnotic music. Need I say more? - smileykits

3 Crop Stomp

Not helped by the fact that it references Rhythm Tweezers. - smileykits

4 LumBEARjack

Probably wouldn't have been on here had it not been for STRETCH CATS. - smileykits

5 See-Saw

We don't even know what these things are, but they EXPLODE at the end... - smileykits

6 Tongue Lashing

Odd rave music blares in the background while you eat berries with faces on them. - smileykits

7 Space Soccer

Look, space is orange now. - smileykits

8 Space Dance

It's their voices... - smileykits

9 Lockstep

It's weirdly funky, especially on the eyes. - smileykits

10 Spaceball

Just about anything with space in it is guaranteed to be weird (except for Launch Party) - smileykits

The Contenders

11 Moai Doo Wop
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