Long List Inspecting #22 WhatCulture's ''30 One-Time WWE Royal Rumble Entrants You Don't Remember''

Well this seems very appropriate we dive in more and more all things Royal Rumble of the 30 One time only superstars who faded, and never had another run in the match rather there famous, or not that much here they are...

#30 Evan Bourne - Fairly memorable although for being the first entrant being overshadowed and eliminated by CM Punk does make it a valid start to the list. This high flyer never really had the chance to shine, or given any real push during that time.

#29 Ricardo Rodriguez - The Ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio gets this once and a lifetime spotlight to be in a Royal Rumble match and it actually happened in his short time in the ring he teamed up with Foley as they eliminate Justin Gabriel. Than you had a comedy spot with he, and Marella full of laughs, and that was that.

#28 Bill DeMott - Also known as Huge Morrus has his only one Royal Rumble appearance ever, and honestly it took me to remember he was actually in a match of that caliber, and probably should be higher up the list the tough enough trainer didn't really last too long as he got kendo sticked outta the ring by Tommy Dreamer and Edge never to be seen again hardly unless you remember 203 Smackdown which I don't.

#27 Elijah Burke - Also known in TNA as D'Angelo Dinero his actual name in life. He didn't have that good of a career in the WWE, and in fact his rumble appearance in 08' can solidify just that. Entering with lucky #28 He didn't waste time in getting eliminated, and colliding into Mick Foley that's for sure when Triple H pushed him right into Mick.

#26 The Junkyard Dog - JYD was the last entrant in the first ever Royal Rumble, but I can see where thee going with this one, but there are some others n the same rumble that aren't on this list I feel should be here over JYD as well if that's the case. How about Boris Zhukov of the The Bolsheviks Or Sam Houston anybody know who that is anymore?

#25 Carlos Colon - Everybody in the audience had no knowledge of who Carlos Colon was, and luckily Gorilla Monsoon knew exactly who it was at #24 a Caribbean wrestler who fought back in the territory days in the 70's and 80's, and eventually coming outta retirement for this one occasion to be apart of the Royal Rumble match in 93. He would go out to eventual winner Yokozuna, but had a decent showing in the match.

#24 Max Moon - Under the mask its Konnan of WCW later on, but here this was his only thing they gave him this gimmick yet some say there were played by two different people, but otherwise didn't last too long in the rumble match itself.

#23 Hakushi - Back than they push very few Japanese wrestlers obviously the one they did push was Yokozuna, but since than all the other guys they brought in have fizzled out, and even I don't remember who Hakushi is, and what he was about. He quickly got eliminated by Owen Hart after comping out to eventual winner Shawn Michaels.

#22 Latin Lover - One of 3 AAA wrestlers in the Royal Rumble match, and one of two I have no memory of at all. My assumption was he was a he didn't last that long, and he was eliminated by a big name star at the time I wanna say?

#21 Beth Phoenix - Oh yeah like anybody is gonna forget about her incredible elimination of the Great Khali right. It was good while it lasted though for almost a good two minutes.

#20 The Head Hunters - Yeah good luck trying to remember who these guys were, and what they were used for exactly. The swat team got swatted themselves when they ran into Vader, and Yokozuna. They would make one last appearance a year later only to look like fools again, and were never seen again.

#19 Jimmy Del Ray - One half of the Heavenly Bodies Del Ray was at least fortunate to be apart of rumble while his partner never really had the chance to be in one.

#18 Cibernético - One of 3 AAA wrestlers in the Royal Rumble match, and one of two I have no memory of at all. He was the one Mil Máscaras took out as he eliminated himself afterwards which everybody does remember for one of the more duller rumble matches.

#17 Michael Cole - Never, ever, ever! Put Michael Cole in an actual Royal Rumble Ever AGAIN!

#16 Psicosis - I know of him, but his one time showing of the rumble match itself hardly since Rey took quick work of him outta the way.

#15 Rico - Manager of Billy & Chuck, and Rosey and Jamal his had a okay career, but only known as the ring side guy than as oppose to a wrestler himself. When he finally did get his big break he got tossed easily by Randy Orton. He than got traded to Smackdown, and took the tradition of Billy & Chuck with Charlie Haas with him only to be released late in 2004.

#14 Kharma - Fairly memorable I'd say she comes in, and scars away Cole good, and next displays the strength in eliminating Hunico also known as the second Sin Cara pretty much pointlessly. Kharma than with distraction gets eliminated in her last match with the company.

#13 Ernest ''The Cat'' Miller - This legendary big cat made his short return in the WWE in 2004 as he and his announcers both got tossed out, and actually are the more memorable parts of the 04' rumble. He shortly afterwards had a brief feud with Tajiri, and that ended quickly.

#12 Muhammad Hassan - Actually he is memorable for all the wrong reasons, He entered, and left as everyone made sure he was outta the match, and he takes out Scotty 2 Hotty whose always had his woes in a Royal Rumble Match.

#11 Tyler Reks - When you try to remember all 40 participants the one that gets many people is not knowing of Tyler Reks he was a gamer, and a wrestler with not a lot much else really done with him either until NXT when it was at its death bed before revived in 2012 there wasn't much more for him to do. He than left to start his own family and admitted John Cena was also one of the reasons why he stopped as well claiming he made a very similar finisher to his.

#10 Jamie Noble - One of the best cruiserweight champion in the early portions of Smackdown Jamie Noble put on some matches as champion. The only other time he would have a chance in the rumble match was when he was not 100%, and thus Chuck Palumbo took advantage of that, and takes him out aside.

#9 Terry Taylor - Awe this is the only that's factually incorrect on the list because he was in two Royal Rumbles if you include the Red Rooster gimmick. Nevertheless didn't really do much other than play the role of a jobber.

#8 Timothy Well - He was the unknown jobber for throughout 95' nobody knew who he was, or what he was about thus deserves the top 3 since his wrestling background ain't that impressive.

#7 Sylvain Grenier - Right apart of the Anti-Resistance gimmick pretty much, the other two are more memorable in their own Rene appeared in two rumbles, and Conway well just listen to his solo theme song... enough said. Sylvain on ther hand nobody seem to care about when he got tossed out right away to Bobby Lashely.

#6 ''Fake'' Razor Ramon - The only good thing going for this ''Fakeness'' gimmick is Jim Ross's heel promo was epic. Things go array for the Fake Razor as he drew #3, and was the first guy outta the whole rumble, and went on to do nothing meanwhile the ''fake'' Diesel would later become Kane which the rest is history.

#5 Brian Kendrick - Yeah I actually forgot about the 09' rumble one of the last to enter the rumble match quickly gets tossed out of the match. Kendrick pretty much was like a ghost in the company he was here, and there, and back again is the best way I can put it.

#4 The Sandman - They cut a promo saying he don't care where his at, and he entered 15, and quickly got tossed out by King Booker you could call it disappointing in a way.

#3 Tom Brandi - Anybody know this big Italian I sure don't he was just a random jobber at the time nobody really knew of you could say the original Santino Marella in a way only difference not quite as known. There's not a lot to go by here Might be a good number one contender what beats him?

#2 Tazz - Yeah I remember it Kane grabs him on top, and over and out had no chance in the match with he, and The Rock at it who would.

#1 Gillberg - Right he got quickly eliminated in what 10 seconds as Edge flips him over. The Original Comedic Goldberg ripoff was a Light Heavyweight champion who like majority of the 99' rumble competitors were given no real spotlight.

Yeah that's the list anymore notable one time hitters that I have no idea tell me in the comments i'm sure there always is see you next time.