Weirdest School Moments

These are the weirdest things that happen at school and yes, they have all happened at mine. Some are unbelievable, but nothing is impossible.
The Top Ten
1 The teacher's skirt gets caught in her undies and she doesn't notice until the end of the day

Thanks I needed this nightmare... - Norrisofchuck

2 The teacher tells you that you're a brat

Teacher: Selena, what would happen to this school if I didn't show up and I didn't tell anyone?
Me: We would have a party!
Teacher: I don't like you
Me: That's fine with me
Teacher: Get to work, brat - Pikachulover1

Why would a teacher even have the nerve 2 say this 2 a kid/student

3 When you have a crush on a teacher

That is onething you should not tell none of your classmates cause they might tell the teacher - tkmkmc7

Aaakwwarrd... But true. Trololo. - Lotsaspaghetti12

4 An old lady falls down the stairs and passes out and you can't get food

Kindergarten: We're hungry!
Teacher: But someone fell down the stairs and they're in the way!
Kindergarten: But we're hungry!
Teacher: But-
Kindergarten: We're hungry! - Pikachulover1

5 When you try to hide a fart and you fail

Then you make those really loud rumbling noises...

Or it was a shart...

6 When you accidently punch a teacher in the face trying to raise your hand
7 When you drop a ping-pong ball over the railing and it hits a teacher in the head and they look up and you blame it on the person next to you

If I did that I would have been like, "Run! " to the people with me. That way no one gets in trouble.

It was still raining outside. - Pikachulover1

8 When you accidentally hit the teacher in the head with a ping-pong ball

It was raining outside. What else is there to do? - Pikachulover1

9 When you call your teacher "mom"

I've done this every year and they didn't notice. Then I got all worked up and they didn't know why. And they just gave me this look lol like what the heck is wrong with you? Then another time this kid was like, "Mom, can I sharpen my pencil. Almost every kid did this in third grade and she did notice.

This is the most common thing. I don't know how we get this mixed up yet we somehow do

I don't know why but this happened to me many times - Righteous

Thatt's nothing, I called a complete strsnger mum once!

10 When someone tells the teacher "I just pictured you bald after you collected the tests"

Teacher: What is it now, Lindsay?
Lindsay: I just pictured you bald after you collected the tests.
Crowd: *laughing*
Teacher: What are you laughing at Selena
Me: I'm not the only one laughing!
Teacher: Brat - Pikachulover1

The Contenders
11 When a girl says "Joey I picked up your balls"

Girl: Joey I picked up your balls
Joey: Uh
Me: You just said picked up your balls
Girl: Yea I picked up his balls
Joey:*looks at me*
Me: Never mind you'll figure it out
Ten Minutes Later
Girl: Oh.
Me: You get it?
Girl: no. - Pikachulover1

Oh god lol

12 When your teacher farts in the middle of a lecture

Teacher: You guys should make it on time! You know that-

13 A teacher calls a teacher a bastard

Social studies and science teacher hang champ jacket to rub the glory in math teachers face
S. S teacher: its a little chilly, is there a jacket any where?
teach leaves the room
math teach:bastards
class: *laughing*
later in day
science teach walks in
missy: he called you a bastard!
math teacher emails band teach saying why missy doesn't go to band

14 When your friend finds a fingernail in the ravioli

Ew. It was pretty long too. - Pikachulover1

15 When you turn around and your teacher's butt is right in your face

I have a fat ass teacher too.

Why couldn't it be one of the hot girls in class instead?!?

This has happened way too many times to me, the worst!

16 When someone tries to say something and it comes out really wrong sounding
17 When a brother spits on you and your friend from above
18 Teacher tells kids to mummify him and we go to all the junior high class rooms

In S. S we were learning bout mummies
so our SS teacher says who wants to mummify me!
we all raise our hands
we then mummify him for 30min
then we go to Math teach's class
then we go to the science classroom
the science teacher says what the heck then the socisl studies teacher says lets go back to the room
then we went to keyboarding and had a party!

In other words we wrapped him iin toilet paper. - Pikachulover1

19 When a teacher curses

My math teacher said "Oh, s***" once... And I go to a Christian school!

20 When you think your teacher has a crush on a student

My 7th grade social studies teacher had a crush on me. She thinks that I am her baby. It was so awkward!

21 Vitas visits the school and sings 7th Element

That would be cool

22 When the sub says you need to go on a diet

This happened twice to the same kid in the same year. Just watch.
Kid: Can I have some Pringles?
Sub: No, you need to be on a diet.
Kid: Ha your face turns red when you bend over.
Sub: Says the kid who has a few extra pounds.

My school is weird isn't it? - Pikachulover1

That happened to one of my friends once... He pranked her hard

Kid: Can I have some Pringles?
Sub: No you need to go on a diet. - Pikachulover1

23 Teacher says she has a big butt

Hello2 that sounds like a sexy teacher

We were doing our spelling and the word was petite and for an example she said "i will never be a petite because I'm' tall, have long arms, broad shoulders and a big butt" we all laugh then she says "its true I'm big boned and have a big butt" - hello2

24 When someone climbs a tree at recess and can't get down
25 When the students talk about Star Wars and then Baby Jesus

No, like how do you go from Star Wars to Baby Jesus?

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