Top 10 Weirdest Situations

The Top Ten

1 getting hit with a taco by a chicken.

This is the weirdest thing I've heard of in a long time. So much stranger than the rest of these. Getting hit with a taco by a chicken? Wow. What just happened?

Oh boy more taco meat! XD - fireinside96

More taco... - Ananya

2 flying on the back of a pig.

I once jumped out of an apartment fire on the back of a fat lady.. 3 stories down.. just like flying on the back of a pig..

3 having a monkey give you C.P.R.
4 get stuck in a ditch with a hobo.
5 falling of a cliff only to get caught by a octopus.

I've jumped off a cliff a small cliff but a big cliff to get caught by an octopus id rather die

6 getting a friend to cure the Jellyfish bite that just stung your face

Peeing on it is the cure... bad location for a sting -

7 Send a poem to your Girlfriend and Accindentally sends the poem to your mom (Text with cellphones)

(Sends text) 'Oh, wait. Tell me I just sent this to my ma. '
*Mom reads the text
'Oh, how sweet of you... Wait, this is weird. You WHAT?! '

Don't worry she'll just beat you up - Ananya

8 getting a dog tail glued to your face.
9 going on a blind date with your boss

ewww eewwww WTF!, my boss will be Mr. Mcmahon, lol jk - SmoothCriminal

This would be pretty weird.

10 Receiving a Facebook friend request from your school principal

That would be so weird... - Ananya

The Contenders

11 being sprayed by water by a mole.

Sprayed water to MOLE is my favore ilusion to serial Power Rangers. Name MOLE is have big creature sorcer, good kung fu. Mole is good oponent to Rangers, and do exit to Power Rangers thank, s dino zord winning. MOLE is losses.

12 Having to tell your spouse you're gay
13 give birth to a human hand

That would be so weird and horrible
I wonder which situation will lead this!
( maybe the same with some complications ) - Ananya

14 being stuck in a shark's stomach with Morgan Freeman
15 your parents book the room next to yours on your honeymoon

Na na that wouldn't be good at all, And if that ever happens...Hope the walls are sound proof - Ananya

16 being turned into a giant marshmallow with a face, arms and legs
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