Top Ten Weirdest SpongeBob SquarePants Ideas

A lot of people have weird ideas. These are even weirder ideas

The Top Ten

1 Patrick works at a strip club

What the hell where people thinking?!

2 Chris Brown comes to town and challenges Spongebob to a fight
3 Spongebob accidentally eats an apple and it gives him wizard powers

Uh, this kinda already happened - HYDRAflash

4 After Spongebob fails so many times at his driving test he goes on a rampage and steals Mrs Puff's underwear
5 Mr. Krabs buys fake mannequins off of ebay and hits pearl with them
6 Justin Bieber comes to town and sings for bikini bottom

Could be a masterpiece.

7 Micheal Myers comes to town and stabs everyone in bikini bottom
8 Spongebob and Patrick rob a hobo for cans of soup
9 A fat guy falls in the ocean and crushes bikini bottom
10 Sandy becomes pregnant

This idea is just too weird... - Minecraftcrazy530

The Contenders

11 Michael, Franklin, and Trevor come to town and bikini bottom has to defend itself
12 Sandy eats so much that she destroys Bikni Bottom

That's the worst idea ever-Sandy

13 Almost Naked Animals crossover

Kinda already happened in someone is in the kitchen with sandy - PokemonRPGbro

This would be weird

14 Squidward kills squilliam fancyson

In the original cut for "House Fancy", Squidward was originally going to lose the show, then punch Squilliam out of anger. It was cut for being too violent. As if *that other scene* wasn't enough already... - Rocko

15 Patrick becomes Fat

He’s already fat...

16 Gorilla goes crazier and crazier to ultra hyper muscle mode
17 SpongeBob's Bad Day
18 SpongeBob eats gary's sister
19 Spongebob Becomes a Drag Queen

Spongebob is tired of being a frycook, so he accidentally stumbles onto Rupaul's Drag Race, and learns how to tuck, throw shade and look polished

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