Top Ten Weirdest SpongeBob Theories That Might Be True

The Top Ten Weirdest SpongeBob Theories That Might Be True

1 SpongeBob and his friends are the result of nuclear testing

It might be true, apparently there's this place called bikini Atoll, and USA totally nuked it. So Bikini bottom is under Bikini Atoll, and the results of nuclear testing could be mutation. So SpongeBob could possibly be a mutated kitchen sponge. - Poptropica

I don't buy it. From what I can find the bomb testings went off in 1946, so if that's the case, how is there a western version, presumably set in the 1800s. And the whole Patrick Revere reference, which would take place in the 1700s, and, though the episode's events are questionable, Dunces and Dragons shows a middle ages Bikini Bottom, estimated to the 1000s.

I wondered this from the beginning, actually. I am happy to see I wasn't alone! I'd love it if they made some mention of it on the show as a gag. - BKAllmighty

I belive the creators actulay said this was true

2 The main characters represent the seven deadly sins

SpongeBob: Lust. (Lust for life you you people out there. )

Sandy: Pride. (She just LOVES Texas. )

Krabs: Greed. (Honestly, I need to explain? )

Squidward: Wrath. (He pretty much hates everyone. Except for mom, maybe. )

Gary: Gluttony. (He eats couches and SpongeBob has constantly feed that fat snail. )

Plankton: Envy. (He's totally jealous of Mr. Krabs. )

Patrick: Sloth. (He lives under a rock, and won an award for doing absolutely nothing. ) - Poptropica

Oh Wow. I never noticed that. If this one is true, that is freaky. - BKAllmighty

It's fact I think

best theory

3 SpongeBob is a prodigy

Or a Gary Stu.

So you know the Band Geeks episode, SpongeBob turned around that whole team into the best band ever! In that episode. He also did other stuff even though he never touched it in his life. So Gary Stu or prodigy? Sorry, Cannon Stu. - Poptropica

4 Spongebob is a mutated, adopted, kitchen sponge

Then why would Spongebuck look just like him

So picture this: A sponge goes through Bikini Atoll. Baby SpongeBob is made. Mr. and Mr. SquarePants find the baby and adopt him. His "cousins" are probably adopted too.

His adoptive parents kept it from him so he wouldn't be upset that his parents are Mr. Nuclear and Mrs. Radiation. - Poptropica

5 Sandy can breathe underwater for a short period of time

Could be possible. I mean, in "Bubble Troubles" she survived effectively the whole episode without air. - Rocko

So here's the gist. When SpongeBob first met Sandy, she said her tree dome was made out of plastic. But in one episode, SpongeBob broke the glass and it started to leak.

So that would've meant that Sandy felt the need to change the material, even though glass is easy to break. Let's get to that later. So she made some fancy machine so she could breathe underwater and replace the material. Later on, she broke it.

Or the writers were just suffering from a case of: Evidence you didn't watch the episodes-idis. - Poptropica

No, explain the pickle jars - ryanrimmel

6 SpongeBob and friend's are druggies

Childhood: KABOOM! This is a little far-fetched, and hopefully isn't true. I'd quit watching SpongeBob the day I watch a episode titled: SpongeBob on Meth. - Poptropica

This makes perfect sense! But put any mention of it in, and those mind-numbed kids will be mind-numbed forever. - PositronWildhawk

Think its more the creators of the show were stoned when they came up with it

7 Squidward's Suicide is a real episode

Nope, it's fake. - ElSherlock

Are You Happy Now? - IceBearRules


8 Bikini bottom is a bikini bottom

That explains the flowers. - Poptropica

9 Krabby patties are made from Pearl's mother and she's next

This is disturbing. - ElSherlock

This is the darkest theory about Spongebob ever.It says that Krabby patties are made from whale meat and it's from Pearl's mom.This explains why we never see her mother and 100,000 pounds equals a lot of Krabby patties.So Pearl is going to be slautered when she's an adult.

10 SpongeBob is gay

This theory is just stupid. - ElSherlock


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11 SpongeBob and his friends are dead children

This is one of the weirdest theories I have seen in my life.

This theory is strange. - ElSherlock

If you mean all the charachters, then who the flying dutch is?

There is one theory where SpongeBob,Patrick and Squidward(i'm not sure if its every main character)are actually dead children that took place of sea creatures

12 Patrick acts stupid on purpose

I have evidence: in one episode when sponge Bob and Patrick are inside squidward, Patrick comes up with a genius idea

13 Squidward is a former serial killer

My childhood is ruined

14 In "SB29", Squidward dies

When the time machine malfunctions squidward doesn't survive

15 Patrick is secretly a sociopath

Well... he was kinda psychotic in Pet Sitter Pat but I blame that on bad writing not his character. Then there's also The Card, Yours, Mine, and Mine which are also questionable. Hmm... there might be some truth to this one. - BlueTelegraph

What? - Userguy44

16 Pearl is Adopted

This looks a bit true due to how could a crab have a whale daughter. - ElSherlock

17 SpongeBob is racist
18 Mr. Krabs killed all the crabs
19 SpongeBob is adopted

When looking at his family tree all his relatives are spunges. but his grandparents are cookies, so his parents and him are adopted(his berth parents dissaperd and are never showed in the cartoon)

20 Squidward's nose Is a penis
21 Mr. Krabs is a cannibal

He ate a krabby patty, which is made of crab meat. - IceBearRules

22 Slingshot died in season 4
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