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Dimash Kudaibergen is attacked by an army of Dears, so he starts singing a beautiful version of Hammer Smashed Face by Cannibal Corpse and it defeats the dears as they turn into corpses of Professor Dementor from Kim Possible
Fred Durst eating Marceline from Adventure Time while singing Love Me Do by The Beatles with Hobbit cast members

Guess the list isn't lying. These stories ARE weird... and out of the blue. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


I crushed my computer with Tom Cruise's butt, and when it is crushed, it will reform into a giant Salma Hayek made of computer bits that can only say "Logan Paul and an evil George Carlin"
Casper the Friendly Ghost possesses Ajit Pai to make him dance to Watch Me by Silento, and the user christiangrant sees it and yells "POSITRONWILDHAWK LIKES TOP GEAR" and transforms into a drunk Optimus Prime that talks in Fran Drescher's voice
Let's sing a death metal version of It's Everyday Bro to this little strawberry with a gun named Wade, and it'll start shooting photos of Hillary Clinton making out with Superman in our face

That would be scary! - 445956

Disney1994 went and watched The Fox And the Hound when all of a sudden, Sanjay and Craig ambush him, with Sanjay having Scarlett Johansson's voice, and Craig having Gilbert Gottfried's voice, with both of them singing "Sexting" by Blood on the Dance Floor

This killed my boner. Sanjay having a voice of a goddess sounds very absurd.

George W. Bush and Howie Mandel riding on Twilight Sparkle with George Clooney's face in the air while singing a rap version of Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil while George Clooney is singing Look What You Made Me Do
Kim Jong-un reading Where the Wild Things Are to the Moomins right as James Corden jumps in while singing a song about Try Not to Laugh challenges
Christopher McDonald and Joseph Stalin performing music with a chocolate trumpet
A Despicable Me Minion dressed as Two-Face punched Duncan Trussell and Brian Posehn in the face

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Anthropomorphic redheaded sheep with the body of a sexy college girl turns everything she holds into a guitar (UmJammer Lammy storyline)

yes please

An anchovy dressed as a pirate licks a robot called thetoptens
A giant purple squid swims in sand and is attacked by a wild Meshuggah mosh pit, and proceeds to defeat them with Dream Theater time signatures
An Oreo cookie who has the voice of Hillary Clinton recreates the USSR by singing This is America in a pop version to Buddha moments before riding a goldfish car
A giant guy with a giant nose who is allergic to flowers finds goldenrod and keeps sneezing on the whole city covering everyone with his snot
Once upon a time there was a little Asian girl who got spoiled with diaper changes and baths all the time by her aunt and they both lived happily ever after. The end!!!!!
Once upon a time everyone lived happily ever after. The end.
Once upon a time Gaston went to Home Depot to buy a toilet, but he suffered from chronic constipation, so LeFou gave him some laxatives and now he has the power of projectile defecation

Inspired by the YouTube poop “Gaston gets constipated”

During a crazy Asian family party all the weird stuff got videoed and gets posted on Facebook, YouTube and got submitted to America’s Funniest Home Videos
Once upon a time there was a kid who had a very special talent-randomly vomiting anytime and anywhere. It happened so often that the kid was nicknamed “The King of Puke”
Once upon a time there was a YouTube user called POIISED who screams SO LOUD that every time he played video games that the neighbors think that his house has a billion annoying kids partying all day
Once upon a time a kid peed his parents so his parents got mad at him and put him in diapers for punishment
Once upon a time at an Asian family party everyone talked so loud that they broke all the glass in the neighborhood
Once day school got cancelled because the school smelled like poop pee and vomit due to teachers denying kids to go to the bathroom
Once upon a time there was a man called Pamperchu who loves microwaving dirty diapers, eating expired food, and collecting diapers
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