Top Ten Weirdest Thing to Search for On YouTube

People on Youtube these days are searching funny, gaming, or news. I have a list that contain a weird things to search on Youtube, even it doesn't exist. So here is Top Ten Weirdest thing to search on Youtube.

The Top Ten

1 Someone pooping in public

Uh yeah gross! - andrewteel

To be honest, I think drunk people may do that - Delgia2k

2 Twerking cat

You know that twerking is inappropriate, but don't you think it would be weird if you're looking for twerking cat? - Delgia2k

What is wrong with that cat!?

I NEED TO SEE THIS. Haha! Twerking cat... - keycha1n

I LOVE SEARCHING THIS! I love the little white cat that searches "how to twerk" and then starts shaking his butt all around at you! Lollolololol twerking for the win

3 Smallest penis in the world

I tried to view this but couldn't see anything... - Britgirl

A video about me? Oh joy! - epivmaymaylord

I wonder who would search it? - Delgia2k


4 Shrek is love, Shrek is life

Shrek memes never get old. - Userguy44

Anything with shrek is weird but this however is just plain disgusting.

I suggest you not to search on YouTube, otherwise you're gonna wish you never saw it. - Delgia2k

He roars a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love...

5 Harlem shake in bathroom

Harlem shake in classroom, bedroom, kitchen. What's next? Bathroom? - Delgia2k

6 Someone dancing in the middle of a war

I say, this would be funny and awkward - Delgia2k

7 A man with 100 balls

This man would be angriest person in the world, even angrier than angry video game nerd - Delgia2k

What types of balls exactly?

This video needs to exist - epivmaymaylord

8 A man trying to make his dog fart on him

Now that's crazy and weird - Delgia2k

9 Don't hug me I'm scared

I love that series! Even though in 8..

I ahve been fangirling over this for months. If only my parents knew...

Dhmis isn't weird it's the greatest thing ever and there's more coming soon! (Dhmis: Clayhill)
Watch Wakey Wakey!

Watch this to get creative - Gamecubesarecool193

10 Your school's name

My school had grad videos come up since they made some - trains45

I found videos from my high school from 1992-1996. It was surreal...

My high school’s concert choir has its own YouTube channel

Looked up my school and it's just pictures of the school logo, kids playing and smiling. - Lunala

The Contenders

11 Someone hitting golf ball by using Ak-47

Never search this but the name intrigues me

Maybe it's possible to play straight unless you pull the trigger - Delgia2k

12 Pooping in mouth

Ew! That would be grose - trains45

oh god no - andrewteel

2 girls and 1 cup ;P

13 2 kids. 1 sandbox


14 Meatspin
15 2 Girls and 1 Cup

I never watched it and I never will. I heard it's really gross.

16 11b-X-1371
17 Donald Trump singing Baby Shark
18 Justin Bieber Baby

Haha! Yaass

19 Pete the meat puppet
20 Gardevoir Porn
21 YouTube Poop
22 Gregory's Room

Wow great job u got through that HELL

23 The Wyoming Incident
24 Vomiting

I did once it kinda grose - trains45

That is nasty

25 This Esme
26 Someone playing billiards

This one was meant to be called 'someone playing billiards by using cat', I forgot to write 'by using cat' at the end - Delgia2k

I've seen a video called 'cat cue' made by popular user in this site, and no it's NOT animal abuse - Delgia2k

27 Stop saying I know right
28 Use the force, Luke
29 Potato Head Blues - Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven
30 Female masking
31 Local 58 contingency

It’s a fake 1960s-70s PSA from the US govt telling citizens to commit suicide.

The editing is awesome.

32 Kewpie Tarako Spaghetti Commercial

The kids' reactions are PRICELESS!

33 Japanese Chocoball Commercial
34 Japanese Dole Banana Commercial
35 Japanese Game Shows
36 Byuntae Style
37 Jar
38 Obey the Walrus
39 Burutabu Chan (Poo Genie)
40 Agamemnon Counterpart
41 Little Baby's Ice Cream
42 Max Headroom Prating Incident
43 Bad Things that Could Happen

I watched it. It's by the same people who made dhmis but its not creepy its weird.

44 Pooping on the Wall
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