Weekly Wierdo: Cheesecakes and Rice

Every week I am weird enough by myself but this week was crazy, Welcome to the first weekly Wierdo ever, and please comment.

Let's start with Monday, shall we? (Like duh) There's not much to say, so... I just wake up, pack my backpack and blah blah blah Etc. I was invited to my friends house. So I was going to make my lunch when I felt sick so I asked my dad if I could buy cause I was so sick I couldn't stand up. He made me stay home and I was sleeping till 11:00. I called my friend 15 times and she STILL didn't answer. I fell asleep. Again.

Moving on... Because Monday was soooo boring... (Why am I even doing this?)

Tuesday!: My friend was ignoring me NOT because of my sickness and not coming over to her house but because she thought I spread a rumor around her church about her being a witch. She got over it and then I yelled CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday: School... Friends... Test... No school for Thursady or Friday?! Yes!! I was doing a freaky little dance during that part.

This is where it gets interesting, okay?

Thursday: No school!! I was sleeping in until 10:30 so I got to eat macaroni! So, I was going to city for my special graduation dinner with family because parents would be in Europe. I was waiting in traffic for like, AN HOUR. Once I finally got to the only Cheesecake Factory in Mexico, I ordered orange chicken. My sister was in the bathroom and my parents started talking. I was laughing SO HARD THAT RICE CAME OUT OF MY NOSE! I went to the bathroom and blew it and a mouthful of rice was int the tissue. I finished dinner and got cheesecake. But when it came... THEY SAID IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I was sitting there whispering WTF until the waiter dudes left. But the cheesecake was good.

Friday: Arranged to see a movie with a friend but she STILL hasn't answered. I am not going over anymore. I snuck left over cheesecake from the fridge. And I'm going to a camp for my new school which means no school for me on Monday. And I am making this blog. How weird is that?

Weirdest thing of the week: Snorting rice out of my nose (Thursday)


So weird that weirdo is spelt wrong - Puga

Rice... - Danguy10

This comment will be weird in 20 years. - Skullkid755

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