Top 10 Weirdest Things to Call 911 Over


The Top Ten

1 Dropping Your Sandwich

If you call 911 over something like that,they will make you a new one - Adventurur2

2 Losing Money
3 For Being Naked

Yeah and they'll get you clothes - Adventurur2

4 Because of a Small Scratch

Like a cat scratch or something - Adventurur2

5 Because You Hate Ben 10
6 Justin Houston is in Your House

Happened to me - Adventurur2

7 Because You Need Advice

Didn't work for me - Adventurur2

8 Because You're Sad
9 Because the Baby is Crying

Unless he/she is in pain no need - Adventurur2

10 Because You Want to Be Known

The Contenders

11 An Emoji Movie Commercial

This movie might suck, but its still weird to call the cops over it - ProTopTens

I would - Adventurur2

12 Because You Hate the Lion King
13 To Get Help on Homework

This isn't made up. A kid actually called 911 to get help on his math homework. - OrionPink

14 Because You Want The Police To Cancel HOME: Adventures With Tip And Oh

Lol good one

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