Top 10 Weirdest Things to Call 911 Over

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Dropping Your Sandwich

If you call 911 over something like that,they will make you a new one - Adventurur2

Losing Money
For Being Naked

Yeah and they'll get you clothes - Adventurur2

Because of a Small Scratch

Police: 911. What’s your emergency.
You: My cat scratched me.
You: Hello?
Police: Hangs up. - 3DG20

Like a cat scratch or something - Adventurur2

Because You Hate Ben 10
Justin Houston is in Your House

Happened to me - Adventurur2

Because You Need Advice

Didn't work for me - Adventurur2

Because You're Sad

If you're sad, talk to a friend or family member you trust!

Because the Baby is Crying

Unless he/she is in pain no need - Adventurur2

Because You Want to Be Known


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An Emoji Movie Commercial

This movie might suck, but its still weird to call the cops over it - ProTopTens

I would - Adventurur2

For McDonalds

Just saw a video on youtube today that a kid called 911 because he wanted mcdonalds when the adult was sleeping he grab phone and call 911 and the police did bring him mcdonalds as well

Because You Hate the Lion King
To Get Help on Homework

I remember hearing it about a 4 year old calling 911 for help math homework on youtube

This isn't made up. A kid actually called 911 to get help on his math homework. - OrionPink

Because You Want The Police To Cancel HOME: Adventures With Tip And Oh

Lol good one

Because You Saw a Rock

Police: 911. What’s your emergency?
You: I saw a rock.
Police: Okay?
You: It looked like a child molester.
Police: Okay?
You: Come take it away before it rapes someone!
Police: You need help... *Hangs up* - 3DG20

Because Your Neighbour Put Their Rubbish Out on Your Property
Because PlayStation Network is Offline

Some kid did this on dec 25 2014 when psn was offline, he probably got a ps4 for Christmas and tried to go online, but tired to go online, was upset, then called 911, the dispatcher told him to read a book or go outside

You Kissed a Girl but Didn't Like It
Because You Want a Friend
Because YouTube is Not Working
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