Top 10 Weirdest Things That Could Be Inside a Dream

Weird things can happen inside dreams. Even me. So I made this list.

The Top Ten

1 Laughing levitates you

That had happen inside my dream. I was at my old school and my old teacher ask a question and One student got the answer right and she laughed and then I laughed and then all a sudden everyone looked at me and gave me creepy laughs while a levitated and laughed back but it didn't work and then I got levitated to the bathroom and the door was closed and that's the dream. Yes! These are the kinds of dreams I'm dreaming on today.

Well, it worked for Mary Poppins, didn't it? - PetSounds

I get this a lot in dreams. I'm actually disappointed when it ends. - Britgirl

2 You die in your dream

Happens to me too. One dream I jumped and got eaten by a shark in a pool without bars and then I saw my family throwing every toy I had away.

I almost always manage to wake up before I die. - nko32

3 You're at your old house

Happened to me. For some reason, I got to my old house which was empty except for the T.V. when I was really in my new house.

4 You're inside Walmart

There are a couple of dreams I had that takes place at that store. one dream was three girls were fairy's and I tried to ask them how they become fairy's and they were running away from me. Don't ask about the ending because I'm not telling you it.

5 You're sleeping in your dream

That happen to me. The dream shows me sleeping at my mom's old house.

6 The wind

I know what your saying. How is it weird? Well I will tell you. I had this dream where I was going out of my house ready for school until some strong wind blow me back into the house. and then I go out of my house and the wind was back and try's to blow me away but I hold on to a tree branch and as soon as it stopped, I fell down and that's the dream. Does that prove anything?

7 Chasing something around in a movie theater

Happen to me inside my dream. I had this dream were I chased a penny when it for some reason got out of my pocket and started rolling around without stopping. Don't ask about the ending.

8 A monster

Happened to me. there's this one dream where the cloverfield monster was destroying a city that is not new work. Its New Jersey. And me and my family escape to a yard near a forest. And there are wolves there until the Cloverfield monster came and scared the wolves off and had eaten me alive. and that was my dream.

9 People throwing everything at a cartoon character

Happen to me. One dream Squidward from SpongeBob was playing his clarinet while dancing and we all boo at him and throw everything at him ( food, computers, shoes, anvils, etc. ) and then SpongeBob came and yelled STOP! And he talked that Squidward is good and we ignored him and we all started throwing stuff at Squidward again He was Scared until SpongeBob played his guitar and we all liked it and throw flowers and say yay at SpongeBob. And then I pied his face and we all throw pies at both of them and we all laughed. and that was the dream. again. Those are the kind of dreams that I'm dreaming of today.

10 Getting naked

I had this dream way too many times

The Contenders

11 Attacked by movie and TV characters

Once I had a dream that Catwoman attacked me.

12 Everyone running away from you at school

Happen inside my dream. Most of the time every time I'm dreaming in school. Everyone started running away from me for unknown reasons. well that's it. I hope you like it and I will add more things to that list so bye.

Most likely because you have the cheese touch.

13 Running very fast

Happened to me many times running faster then all beating everyone n sometimes sumones chasing me. n can hardly walk

14 Departed loved ones come to visit you

This happens all the time with my relatives. It creeps them out. They're Asian.

15 God speaks to you
16 A whole new modified version of the novel you read in live action
17 Someone getting killed
18 Landing on a tarantula farm by parachute
19 You being a porno star
20 You being an adult baby/diaper lover
21 Private parts
22 Body waste
23 Deceased relatives
24 Anachronism

Once I had a dream where my parents and I lived in Ancient China when I was a baby. I dreamed this when I was in like elementary school.

25 Psychic powers
26 Moldy food
27 Butts
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