Top Ten Weirdest Things That Could Happen to TheTopTens

You enter to your profession website and then something changes, a change that's so weird.

The Top Ten

1 Someone makes a Top 5 list

I have tons of top 2 because I didn't know what to do though I saw a list with nothing in it - simpsondude

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2 If it disappeared

Missing website. Have you seen the precious website. It has 90,000 members and you can make lists in them. Please anyone out there, find the website! - SuperHyperdude

3 If it turned into a Horror Movie

There was a new user on TheTopTens who never got votes on his lists and got jealous of good users so then he got a knife and killed them he then got so angry he went to the creators house and threatened him to make him the leader he said no then he got madder and deleted TheTopTens but then one more user who was left tried to fight him but the killer got a bazooka and blasted his head open kinda gross ad stupid though - simpsondude

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4 If it had 1,000,000 members

Hmmh, I guess this is not a private website anymore. Time to throw the cake! - SuperHyperdude

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5 If it had only 1 member

Imagine if I'm the only one. Very lonely indeed - SuperHyperdude

6 Pop-up Ads

Good thing I have ad blocker because if that happened and I didn't have ad blocker I would of quit TheTopTens! Plus they would scare me to death anyway. Imagine you about to upload a list when suddenly "New Lego Star Wars sets." Totally scared to death while a million crazy, scary, and awkward thoughts pop into your head. And do to this ad now you believe there's a ghost haunting the house. This actually happened once for a very short period of time. This was before I bought ad blocker at the Chrome store. Trust me I nearly quit TheTopTens after that. Luckily they stopped it just in time so I didn't quit TheTopTens but I was so close to quitting I was about ready to get out of the website for good in tell I found out the news. - toptenzen

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7 If your profile got screwed up

I can't imagine this happening to me. More so for PositronWildhawk or Britgirl. I feel bad that your account got screwed up, Superhyperdude. - Kiteretsunu

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8 It becomes a porn site

Boy, that escalated quickly - Sjinkiie

No problems here but what

9 If people had profile pictures of themselves

What? I guess the website is not anonymous anymore. - SuperHyperdude

10 If it causes a war

The religious lists probably caused some

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11 If it became a social network
12 If someone made a movie out of it

Yes but can I be in it!? - Jake09

13 It gets run by Nicki Minaj
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