Top Ten Weirdest Things to Do When Watching a Movie

The Top Ten Weirdest Things to Do When Watching a Movie

1 Laugh at a Part That Isn't Funny

Somebody did this once when I was watching a movie. - turtwig

Well Pokemon isn't funny at all but that didn't stop you from making a list about the funniest episodes.

I laughed when in Destiny Deoxys Rayquaza and Deoxys were fighting and destroying the city.

Once I was watching a movie and in the part when the girl just said can I have beer one of my friends laughed for 30MIN👱

2 Throw Popcorn at the Person Behind You

Wait... This actually happens?

Not only weird, but disrespectful too! - turtwig

Yes! Or throw popcorn at the screen! - moonwolf

(Girl innocently watches movie)
Me: hey! @$&# you! (Throws popcorn)

3 Fart

Well it all depends on whether the fart is loud or not, but if its silent but smells... Your screwed

4 Poop On the Person Next to You

What?! I think you just gave me a permanent fear of the movies...

Wait, WHAT exactly did you say?!

I always do this when I'm bored at the person, I take a huge **** next to the person when the movie is boring. - Scarytheory

5 Use Your Phone

This annoys me so much! I was watching the a movie once and and I couldn't focus because their screen gorse was so bright! - HappyFlower

They specifically tell you not to do that! - turtwig

6 Boo
7 Trash Talk the Staff

"You serve popcorn like a girl! " - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

8 Read a Book

What's the point of going to the movies if you're gonna be concentrated on a book

If it's boring, maybe it's a good idea. - JaysTop10List

Maybe during the previous. - FasterThanSonic

9 Masturbate

This happened a lot when I saw Sausage Party. I don't want to know why.

Don't pull a Mr. Peewee now! - sdgeek2003

So, who watched Sausage Party?

10 Shout

The Contenders

11 Pretend You're Cookie Monster

I want COOKIES! Omnomnom! Lol - MusicalPony

12 Dance In Front of the Audience

Everybody Will be med at you

Been there done that - happyhappyjoyjoy

13 Sell Things to Other People

Make some money to buy candy. - funnyuser

They're selling chocolate!


Chocolate! - Cesium

14 Draw

I wonder if anyone can draw a motion picture while watching a movie. - Kiteretsunu

15 Kiss the TV

My little sister has a crush on the main character in Flight of the Navigator, so when we were watching this movie, she kissed him. Right on the lips! It was sickening! - RockFashionista

16 Fall Asleep
17 Talk
18 Throw Popcorn
19 Set Cricket Ringtone for When the Movie Gets Awkward
20 Act Like a Chicken

Wait, people actually do this?

21 Burp
22 Text
23 Make Temmie Faces
24 Sing Loudly
25 Scream and Cry Like a Little Girl

Bonus points if it's during a romantic scene

26 Cry
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