Top Ten Weirdest Things That Happened In Warrior Cats


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1 All the clans forgetting Mapleshade in a heartbeat

Pretty weird, but I don't feel sorry for her, I feel sorry for her kits.

Title pretty much sums it up.

2 All the clans forgetting that two cats cannot be mates with another clan cat

Graystripe and Silverstream, Crowfeather and Leafpool, Tigerheart and Dovewing (they never officially became mates though), etc. - RiverClanRocks

Everyone suddenly forgot this! Yeah, lol, screw the warrior code.

They all forgot this except for Mapleshade! - Catsarah123

Forbidden love couples I can name:
Graystripe and Silverstream
Leafpool and Crowfeather
Bluestar and Oakheart

3 Blackstar turning good

He allied with Brokenstar and Tigerstar. While it may have been out of respect as they were leaders, the fact that all the other clans pretty much forgot about his previous alliances is what makes this so weird.

No development. One second bad, next second good.

He was never good. He helped kill Stonefur just because of Tigerstar. - Nikka

He was never bad. - Flamesofsilver

4 Nightpelt becoming leader

Read Yellowfang's secret idiot, he retired early due to asthma

He was an elder! - Catsarah123


5 All the impossible genes

Why are people complaining about this when they never complain about scar's color in lion king?

Ginger cats and dark tabby cats don't have grey kits and black kits

Gray cats don't have blue eyes, except kittens.

Calico's are infertile

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6 Yellowfang getting punished by Starclan

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she have her kit while she was a medicine cat? - Flamesofsilver

She was mates before she was a medicine cat! - Catsarah123

7 Cat is named Egg

Yeah, that's a pretty weird name...

Well, there are worse. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Well, it's better than the names of SOME of the cats cough Loudbelly cough - Minecraftcrazy530

Course he has a dumb name. He is SkyClan! Clan of ( mostly ) stupid names. Hmm... let me see Harveymoon, Ebonyclaw, Billystorm, Rileypool, Bellaleaf? Well Leafstar's getting better, thank StarClan. She's got Hawkwing. That's a start. Pebbleshine's pretty good too. Wait. He wasn't even part of SkyClan first... he was a loner first... I think. I don't... He looks a bit like Mousefang. I think Sharpclaw thought he was a SkyClan descendant because of his legs and skills. I don't know, he might be Mousefang's descendant?

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8 Hollyleaf killing Ashfur

Erm... Just saying... She broke character... - Catsarah123

9 The three losing powers

This is hardcore messed up dudes.

I hated that

I'm happy they lost there powers.If there were a lot of battles Lionblaze would have been known as a murderer (not that I would have been sad about it I hate him)And they made Ivypool feel left out and useless because of Dovewings power.It's so cruel.

10 Leopardfoot and Pinestar are the parents of Tigerstar

Yeah, this should be under a weirdest couples list, too. How did Pinestar not find a mate before Leopardfoot? He was already almost eight lives in when she was born!

2 good cats (Pinestar is a kittypet and Leopardfoot is a good cat) giving birth to the most evillest cat in the series! (Tigerstar)

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11 Ashfur getting angry with Squirrelflight just wanting to be friends

The whole fire scene thing ruined Ashfur's character, he was so nice before then... then he turned NASTY

And he went insane too! Like, bro, calm yo' tits!

Trying murder a girl's children and father because she friendzoned you is straight messed up,i mean it did cause some interesing moments like Ashfur's and Hawkfrost's death,the fire scene in Long Shadows,Hollyleaf telling the truth at the gathering and etc but seriously? he need some help dude. - cassiabez

12 Cat's fading from Starclan

What is next? You can't die a thousand times...What comes after Starclan? Starclan the second? Starclan the third? - Nikka

Why did Erin have to add that? WHY?!

Because there's some dumb cats in Starclan

Cats die then die into NOTHINGNESS?! NOO THANK YOU - Swiftdawn

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13 The main character doesn't get beaten for 5 series, but dies from a tree

They actually say it was from Tigerstar's damage but yeah.Nobody knows a full-detailed version of Firestar's death. - cassiabez


Super werid - Swiftdawn

14 Darkstripe being secretly in love with Spottedleaf
15 Dovewing's eye colors changing
16 The Warrior Code is broken so many times

Yeah! Looks like (almost) nobody is taking the warrior code seriously!

17 Darkstripe having a crush on Tigerstar

Does Darkstripe want to be gay

18 Spottedleaf dying

I'm actually glad she died for the second time,Her and Firestar's romance and herself was a pain and I'm glad it's gone.But the first time is actually kinda sad. - cassiabez

Do you mean first or second, spirit death?

19 Fireheart bringing a fish to Cinderpelt

When graystripe was in riverclan, he caught a fish and gave it to fireheart. When fireheart got back to camp, he gave it to cinderpelt. Didn't cinderpelt wonder "where did he get a fish from? " Silly cats. =^v^=

20 Spottedpelt and Gorseclaw looking exactly the same as Spottedleaf and Tigerstar despite being about 50 yrs older and being in the lost SkyClan

I mean, seriously!

21 Brambleclaw killing Hawkfrost 1st and 2nd time

He killed his half brother BOTH times! I mean, seriously, who hates their half brother that much?

Same with Yellowfang.I really hated it.

22 Kittypets knowing twoleg words
23 Firestar being everywhere

Haters: -hides behind SkyClan territory- Phew! Finally! No Firestar here!
Firestar: -appears next to them- Hi, guys, I'm here!
Haters: NO! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Haters: -hides behind SkyClan territory- Finally! No Firestar here!
Firestar: -appears next to them- Hi, guys, I'm here!
Haters: NOOO! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

24 Firestar being brothers with Tigerstar and Sisters with Sandstorm

Um,actually Tigerstar and Sandstorm are cousins,Firestar is half brother's with Scourge due to their father being Jake. - cassiabez

25 All the cats join in to fight scourge

Well duh,it made sense he was just about to make the Entire forest Bloodclan's territory - cassiabez

26 Yellowfang being in love with Darkstripe

Read Yellowfangs secret!

Kinda weird

27 Dustpelt loving Ferncloud

I know he's Ferncloud's uncle but.They're cats for them it's totally normal fall in love with their kins.This is why most of the couples in Warriors are related. - cassiabez

28 Someone is called maggot tail

Imagin being called maggot star! Maggot kit! Maggot paw!

29 Bluestar knowing Rusty's name before he told her it
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