Top Ten Weirdest Things People Do In School

School is so boring which is why people do weird crap in this place (I literally make lists at school)

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1 Not ask to go to the toliet becase the teacher will complain

I think everyone does this at least once in their lifetime, haha the feeling of getting rejected by a mean teacher. I have to admit this is very weird though.

In first grade I was raising my hand for like ten minutes. Eventually I wet myself. This happened twice. Stupid teachers.

They complain that you didn't go earlier, but that was because earlier you could hold it in and knew you should do it when you need to. - 445956

Same, especially my ela teacher

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2 Constantly look at the clock

How is this weird? I do it all of the time! - Minecraftcrazy530

And hope it's lunch, recess or dismissal. - funnyuser

Can someone please tell me how that's weird? I look at the clock all the time at school so I can count down to the end of the day!

What is wrong with that? Me and my best friend do that every single time nonstop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - BigFatNoob

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3 When the fire alarm starts, go outside, and have some hope and desire that it's a real one and you can go home

I would probably want my school to get burned down but I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt - Ajkloth

I hope my least favorite teacher got tripped so she can burn

Hate me all you want by saying this, but if there's ever a real fire at my school, I want my bullies and least favorite teachers to trip, so they can get burned.

I hope the fire alarm gets me home immediately - BigFatNoob

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4 Scroll through pages to know how many pages left til there's no room

I can't be the only one who does this. Haha! - LemonComputer

Oh I am weird then - iliekpiez

5 Walk down the hall singing Sexy and I Know it

Then strip down! PARTY!

Hahaaahahaah there was that kid at my school that did that it was so funny (without the striping down)

When this song was new, I was in third grade, and I heard one of the kids singing Sexy and I Know it - Iamcool

Oh wow - BigFatNoob

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6 Swing your chair

The chairs are connected to the desks here, so I can't. Only the science and art rooms have movable stools, and it's really easy to fall off if you're leaning back, it's happened before many times. - Pegasister12

I used to do this with my friends all the time when I was was a miracle none of us ever fell off! - Entranced98

I do this all the time - RockStarr

I fell off - iliekpiez

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7 Secretly chew gum in class

Do this while taking a test. It makes you smarter.

Students in my class do that

Chewing gum is one of the things that you have to hide from the teachers, but everybody does it. - SwagFlicks

I don't like gum - iliekpiez

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8 Daydream without knowing it

I did that once. I wasn't thinking at all, but I usually because I'm a girl. And my teacher asked me a question and I probably looked like I was paying no attention, and then I stopped and she said," Hey, what's the answer. And is said," uh... I don't know. Then she called on another person. When I did that I felt weird and stupid and now I laugh at that moment. laugh out loud! - funnyuser

When aren't we daydreaming in school? For me it's usually something like "Oh, my God! Shut up, no one cares about your 'Pretty Little Liars'..." followed by some mildly psychotic violent thoughts that make me laugh and forget about what's annoying me in the first place. - theOpinionatedOne

Do this all the time! Mostly while taking a test!

It happened to me occasionally - BigFatNoob

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9 Instead of bringing it to the pupil, throw the rubber to them

To all Americans out there, we call an eraser a rubber, as opposed to a contraceptive. - PositronWildhawk

We do this all the time. About 5-6 erasers have gone outside the window. - Animefan12

Some kid threw a pen in class, the pen landed at the teacher's feet. The person got a detention or something.

I do it - iliekpiez

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10 Fart

Oh my God! People's farts at my school STINK! One time on the bus, we were going on a field trip, and the most hated kid in the class cut the cheese, and it reeked of mold. I think my nose has stopped working now... Oh no... (Sarcasm) - Powerfulgirl10

Right, there is this ugly, fat, sweaty guy in my class, and his farts smell of eggs and poo with corn in it... Sorry if I got an image in your head. - DapperPickle

They're good as long as it is my fart. - Animefan12


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11 Masturbate

Why would any sane person masturbate in school? - RickyReeves

Imagine there being an awkward silence in the classroom, and you hear the sounds of masturbation. This would be very strange. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

There was this one kid who masturbated in my English class once...

Why would someone very badly wanted to feel their gurus in front of everyone/everybody the school policeman 👮‍♂️ the janitor your teachers 👨‍🏫 your assistant/aides the principal ap it cameras " bullies friends boyfriend everyone friends etc. you can get in a lot of big big trouble for that one of those reasons I do it only st home dum dum

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12 Start a flash mob
13 Pass notes

I have never passed a note , I a good girl :) - funnyuser

You have to be really sneaky to pass notes but just do it on the teachers back

I DO IT EVERY TIME - TheMultiNinjah

This makes me laugh. I usually text people or even just go call them in the bathroom if it's that urgent. - theOpinionatedOne

There was a love letter that my teacher read out loud once. She embarrassed one of my friends during class. - Powerfulgirl10

It's not exactly weird. I don't do it, but it's understandable that maybe people want to talk. - LemonComputer

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14 Try to whisper a pupil next to you

I'm so good at whispering. That's what I do in History class. - Animefan12

I don't have any wish of talking to the class idiots - Ananya

I used to do that,then my teacher moved me(despite my bff Josh was whispering to a kid at that table[(not saying names)] more,no offense to him.)Now there is nobody to talk to.Even worse it was on tech day.But my teacher probably regrets it.As now he is going to try to either move Josh or that other kid.Either way,whether it is the kid or Josh,I will probably beg for one of them(since we are like an art trio)to move to my table just to get in trouble by that teacher.Feel free to skip this if you want.But this was how it defeated the purpose for me.

15 Stick bubblegum under the desk

Even lab benches aren't always safe. Once in a chemistry lab I made the stupid mistake of accidentally putting my hand under one of the benches, only to find out there was a fresh blob of chewing gum stuck there along with, like, ten more rock-hard ones (who knows how many years they'd been sitting there? ) - Entranced98

Our desk has these pipes that make the desk stand but also to keep the top from falling off. I used to stick my finger in the pipe that was under the top of the desk. Why I did it I have no clue but one day I did it and I met gum. I never did it again. - sdgeek2003

Like the teachers see that gum and they only have so many classes. Some classes may have no one in that seat. It wouldn't be that hard to know you're the one who put it there.

Once I put my hand under my desk.
There's lots of gum.
And it is so old it was probably was chewed by the TEACHERS when they were kids. - Lunala

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16 Wear Makeup

I wouldn't say wearing makeup is weird itself, but when girls break out the big Old Lady Bag with the entire kit and the little prop-up mirror IN CLASS, that's when it's weird! - theOpinionatedOne

I never wear make up.
It's pointless - Lunala

Love makeup and all but it’s just school. I’m not gonna look good to go somewhere I hate

17 Ask if you are going to eat pie

I ask that to my religion teacher. *wink wink*

My teacher would do this

18 Start erasing the board

A strange new craze in my school (')_(')

And vandalize it. - nko32

I vandalize it. In my high school some students would draw elephant farts on the board and I would add farts and poop to them XDDD

People wrote with a pencil. ON THE WHITEBOARD! - CartoonCriticizer

19 Forget to do homework and lie saying it's at home

Never needed to do this myself but in one of my classes there's these three guys who use this excuse every single time we're due to hand homework in. It baffles me how the teacher's never caught on. - Entranced98

Sometimes it works for my class, depending on the teacher and their mood. Often, the teacher goes on about "NO EXCUSES! "

Do this not a lot of the time. But some people do it every week

I heard of a funnier one in my old 4th grade class: some kid said his grandma threw away his homework, and I think he was telling the truth. anyhow he got in trouble.

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20 Color with a pencil on literally everything

I added this. I do this every day. From folders to tables to paper, anything but my body and clothes. Trust me you do not want to see my math notebook. - Anonymousxcxc

I have expensive pencils so I can't afford to unnecessarily waste any of the lead. - LemonComputer

Gray crayons have become obsolete. - MrLoser

I do the same

21 Ask if algebra wouldn't mind if you dated the ex

That IS damn weird. - LemonComputer

Sounds like something I'd say

22 Watch a movie

People watch movies in school

I relate - LemonComputer

23 Kiss a girl/boy in the hallway

Definitely not something I'd do in a hallway, considering people would make up rumors and people would talk about it for days...

I'm NEVER kissing anybody at school. Especially since I'm not even interested in dating. - Powerfulgirl10

When I was in 2nd grade I used to kiss a boy in the classroom, (I'm an boy too), *sigh*. - darthvadern

Gross, who kisses in the hallway! - AliciaMae

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24 Take a selfie

What if the teacher joins?

But first let me take a-
Teacher: Sit down and stop taking selfies! - RiverClanRocks

Lemme take a...
Teacher: no child don't u know I GOTTA JOIN IN

The teachers at my school sometimes take selfies 😂

25 Fling cheetos across the classroom

I love Cheetos they are so DELICIOUS! (who would waste them? )

Well not in my classroom, but on my bus they do. Flaming hot Cheetos.

26 Rip up your test

My whole class did this one time.

27 Take a phone call
28 Yell "666!" in front of the popular kids

My locker is two away from being 666.

I shall do this soon lol

29 Ask the teacher if she likes smoking weed

People actually do this? -Facepalm- - LemonComputer

Teacher: smoke weed everyday B)-~

30 Go on PBS Kids on their computers

I stopped PBS kids when I was 11 because they took away the animation studio

The special ed classes in my high school had to go on this site.

31 Acting Like Daffy Duck

I do that all the time

Hi. I'm Daffy Duck. I'm ssso awesssome! - Powerfulgirl10

32 Breathe out loud

I did that as a dare

33 Make a giant tower of erasers

One day, the english teacher was absent so we were allowed to do anything we want. I tried with my erasers and my partner's erasers who found it interesting. we got 8 erasers and when we were keeping the last eraser, the tower fall down like a very long building after the base was broken. LOL

34 Read this

Really? Who added this? - Powerfulgirl10

.. Not at school though - LemonComputer

This is pretty mean. - CartoonCriticizer

35 Twerk
36 Hoping a teacher would die at some point

Really? Nobody does this, surely. If you do, you're a PSYCHO. GET SOME MENTAL HELP! - LemonComputer

Okay. That's pretty cruel... - Powerfulgirl10

I wished that my high school special ed teacher would die.

37 Talk about Trump

Doesn't everyone already do that?

During the 2016 election, my little brother said no one would shut up about Trump. - AliciaMae

My class had to talk about him a few times. And one of my friends calls him Tronald Dump. Hilarious! - Powerfulgirl10

All the kids in my class think calling out "DONALD TRUMP FOR PRES" every five seconds is funny.
Once or twice it's funny, but after that it gets old. - Lunala

38 Eat pickles

I brought in pickles for national pickle day all my friends did to

39 Pick your nose

I swear, some of these things on this list are just plain idiotic and random. :/ - LemonComputer

40 Watch earwax removal videos on the computers

Wha-wha-what? WHAT THAT"S SO WEIRD

41 Draw graffiti

Today there was graffiti of a "inappropriate male's body part" on my chair that looks like it's been there since the dinosaurs were on earth

There is also lots of ancient prehistoric gum stuck to the bottom of desks even though my school bans gum. - Lunala

42 Count other pupils to know which para we have to read

Laugh out loud! I do that all the time just to be prepared.

And the feeling you get when the bell rings before it's your turn.

Not weird, I do this every time I can

43 Play football

The boys in my grade do this. - Powerfulgirl10


44 Try to make a pyramid
45 Flick a paper ball at the teacher

Kids throw paper balls in trash cans, and sometimes pretend they're playing basketball or something. - Powerfulgirl10

This is just mean

46 Stack glue sticks on top of each other
47 Get other students to join you in reenacting the Gangnam Style music video during a pep rally
48 Play music at wrong times
49 Leave socks on the floor

Some weirdo did this in my maths classroom today and stunk the whole place out. - Entranced98

I found a sock at school one time...outside - AliciaMae

50 Sing "Chacarron Macarron" when you enter the classroom

Did that once... Never again... - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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1. Not ask to go to the toliet becase the teacher will complain
2. Scroll through pages to know how many pages left til there's no room
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