Top Ten Weirdest Things People Say or Do In a Horror Movie

The Top Ten

1 "I heard a creepy noise, I'll go check!"

That's the blunder you make mate... - Ananya

Biiig mistake - Martinglez

2 Trip while running from the killer

I have something to admit. ME and mys sister were watching a cheesy rip off of Friday the 13th called Bloody Murder, and we were watching thew sequel in which at one scene, a girl tripped. I told my sister "I would never do that." Tomorrow we were joking around outside and she was a zombie. And guess what I did? I tripped on a stick and spun a 360 and landed on the ground. At least I died fancy. - sdgeek2003

This is common in many horror movies. - Pegasister12

It's so common
You feel like : Oh no not now..don't trip!
and..and.. Aww man you are done for! - Ananya

3 "Let's go to the chainsaw factory!"


4 "That's a nice weapon you got there."
5 "Don't open that door! Let me do it."
6 Sneeze on someone because they're allergic to dust
7 Change their clothes
8 "Screw that new car I'm running into the woods!"

Oh no - Ananya

9 "You're so pretty Mr. or Mrs. Killer."
10 "I forgot how to breathe!"

Great -_- - Ananya

The Contenders

11 "Let's split up!"

So that we can be picked off one by one! - Catlover2004

12 "Pickle!"

It’s helpful actually. The killer will stop and not help but laugh.

13 "Ketchup!"
14 Lose clothes
15 "Larry David!"
16 Go to a haunted attraction
17 Go to the basement
18 "I think we've killed him/her/them/it"
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